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  1. Ohh did you mean spring combo? I actually cant remember what I had in the old car, was king springs though and shortened shocks
  2. Haha yep that's me. I remember all you guys, spent soooo much time on here back in the day haha.. Yeah what can you do ey..
  3. Bought the springs second hand for $200 and got my mechanic to install them aswell as a service so not sure how much to fit them alone. Purple one was pretty basic. Still had the std exhaust minus a muffler
  4. Got it lowered and serviced today. King springs SSL front and SSSL rear. Love how it sits, but might be a bit too low for me. Getting old lol..
  5. Ohh I saw Evildaifu in a red F6 the other day.. still got a thing for red ey haha and a nice upgrade from the xr6 he use to have if I remember..
  6. Scares the crap out of me haha.. my BA only had 250rw then went to a VW amarok and now this thing
  7. Yeah got a ZF out of an F6 to replace it
  8. Hey, after a long time away I'm back in a Turbo Falcon, a 2010 G6ET. Searching online for some info this site kept coming up so I decided to share my purchase with you guys. I bought the car as is, with all the work done and I intend to add some personal touches. Ok so the the important stuff, mods, here goes... Borg Warner turbo Nizpro intercooler, 4" exhaust, over boost valve, 4" intake/relocated Valve springs 1000cc injectors Billet oil pump gears true track diff IMS twin diff bush/hat PW surge, twin pumps, fuel re
  9. Happy Birthday MiKa!

  10. Someone said the thing to do is Superpro/nolathane the front and go std rear.. Keeps the front tight and the rear less clunky/harsh etc... But replacing the diff bush every X amount of kms adds up.. Any fix for the rear yet? Heard a lot of things like superpro the outer bushes and keep the diff bush std and it lasts longer etc..? But dunno, last time I did mine I went STD all 3..
  11. Does anyone know if Superpro sell a kit for the fords replacing pretty much everything either front or rear? Could just take said kit to mechanic or whoever and get them to do the lot, or it it a matter of tracking down every single bush individually? I for one would be much happier for a kit.
  12. What do you think they mean? I get a lot of mixed responses... Whoops, props should have multi quote, my bad :(
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