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Cool Stuff You Just Bought

Ralph Wiggum

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had the momo polk audio 5x7's in my ba very decent indeed

Yeh, very impressive. I bought 5x7 yesterday, was soo impressed with the quality that I went and bought their next higher mm series 6.5 splits for the fronts and their 6x9's for the rears the following day. (today) lol

I compared them with my bro's boston acoustic pro series system and I was the one that walked away with the bigger smile.. lol Big up to anyone considering to upgrade their sound system.

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Yeah I bought his Xcal3 Paulie. Fk you got those cheap in the end. If I knew how much he would've taken I would have bought them too! You owe Tony Pepparoni and drink next time as he told me about them :locomotive:

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haha yeah managed to get a bit of a discount but going to get them flow tested anyway. Can't complain about the price though. They are in perfect condition.

Anyway, this thread needs more cool stuff.

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oh on spaghetti o

why do I need 2 /044's when one will do weeeeeeeeeeee

got this beaudy for $170 off a bloke who dont need it anymore


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