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So I logged a bunch of stuff on my way to and from getting my rocker cover from a bloke an hour way (got some -10an fittings welded onto it!).

Was from about 6 to 8.30. split into two drives. It was a relatively hot day yesterday. I graphed the two trips RPM, IAT and Boost to see if there is any correlation. 

At colder IATs there is definitely less boost at less IATs than at higher IATs, its a difference of about 2psi though. 


Here's the crappy graphs for anyone interested.



Not sure if this is still normal or not... Or am I making it sound worse than it is xD

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Oi let's get all social media about it...   If this post gets 5000 likes, I'll fit a gen 2 gtx35r to my territory this week and run 18psi through it.   Since we're here in fordvill

A week or so ago my little (19yo) brother was being a pain in the arse to middle brother.   Now LB is always leaving his sh*t lying around, wallet, keys, sh

Update.    It was benign.   I guess I got lucky.

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Data doesn’t lie ..... 


Unfortunately your tune needs more work to be consistent. Sometimes these things can slip and go through to the keeper. Rob is a Genuine good bloke with an amazing tuning reputation. Definitely don’t hold it against him especially if he was crazy busy, not an excuse I know but we’ve all been there or similar situations in life with one thing or another. 

“IF” he changed all his target boost increments to the same for all IAT’s he would nearly be there ;) 


Juss sayn 

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I also logged my drive to work this morning. Got the car nice and warm, and IATs were hovering in the 20-25C area so I figured it'd be a great opportunity to give it the beans and log the boost.


Max boost was around 12psi this morning. Far off the 16psi on a 45-40C IAT day 🤷‍♂️



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Howdy Keith

Crappy job for me tomorrow - Kluger fuel trims have gone nuts again, with same lean codes on both banks. The fix last time was a new fuel filter (in tank) so I assume whatever schmutz blocked it last time is still floating around in there.

So looks like exhaust, tailshaft and middle seat row out, so I can drop the tank and clean it. Will give it an oil change and some front pads while I'm feeling generous.

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not that job again :shocked:  (I seem to remember you doing that job a while back and hating it)


Sounds like a fun time spinning spanners, though, which is always a good way to spend an afternoon :)

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Did the in tank filter last time - wasn't that bad. This time I'm pulling the tank out for a clean to hopefully stop the problem happening again, as the filters aren't cheap. Basically replace the whole module and swap the pump and reg onto the new one.

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Haha never trust a workshop manual. Kluger manual reckoned the entire rear end had to come out to drop the fuel tank.

Looked unnecessary to me. Couldn't quite get the heat shield out or access the rear bolts on the tank straps. But made a nice slide for the tank

Tank out, cleaned and back in with new filter. Fuel trims back to normal.81b87ceba12fe2b6294ede1b8c3ba4b6.jpg

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Saw something odd on Instagram today. Follow a bloke with the handle @_w8andc_, his plates on his rig being "w8andc. He's from QLD.


Posted up two stories about a blown pulsar turbo that had less than 3k km on it apparently. Bagged the turbos for being sh*t with little info on what happened. They stories have been deleted now too... 🤔🤔


First time I've heard of the pulsar turbo crapping out. Was keen to get other info on the setup. Either way, not a good sign for the pulsar train. But still, for under $1000 you can replace that bad boy nearly 3 times before it's the same price as a Garrett 🤣

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I meant turbine, not housing lol


Actually, it was pulled apart and full of oil. There was some seal behind the exhaust turbine that was all floppy. I'm a noob when it comes to turbo design, but it didn't seem to have been an oil starvation issue. I wish I could share the video here! 😋


Definitely going to keep an eye out on the FB groups to see if any posts about this comes up!


Been deeply considering getting of these cheap turbos, they ain't a garrett but they a third of the price. Its hard not to want to get one 😂

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