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Workshop Manual


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I have heard that Ford made the workshop manual availiable this week, in book form.

The price is said to be about $1000.00.

Pretty expensive.. Id like one but the price is pretty steep.

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Guest BA Ghia
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Yeah, I have been trying to keep updated on this one...

Thursday looks like the date that some Ford spare parts places will be getting DEFINITE information on actual Pricing, (Retail and trade)....

Bookworks 56 Bonds Rd Punchbowl NSW 2196 9740 6766 - Will have one in sometime on Tuesday...

Even the owner of Bookworks said that he only J U S T received the memo that the manual is available (Yesterday, Thursday Arvo), and he has no idea what the RRP for it is.....

So it looks like a wait and see type thing....

Anyone, place your bets....

What will the actual RRP be

>$1000 or <$1000

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I may be able to get excerpts from it and post them if you wish. Let me know what exactly you are after.

I'm with Cam. Everything.

As long we as we aren't infringing copyright. Right? :blink:

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Guest BA Ghia
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Hehehehe - I can just imagine you trying to scan EVERYTHING in ! :blush:

Thanks for the offer CJF077

Maybe you can just confirm for me the size....

They told me it was roughly 4Kg-5Kgs... - or The size of 2 phone books ?????

It also apparently has Inline 6, Turbo 6, V8 3V, Boss V8s, GT, GT-P, Utes, Sedans, Wagons, and LWB models in there ????

Im quite happy to fork out the money for it, especially after forking over nearly $60,000 for the car, but I just want to make sure that Ill be getting "value for money" from it....

I already have an EF Factory workshop manual, from my good old EF days, and found that to be well worth its $120 asking price.. :blink:


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Unfortunately dont have or have seen the book yet. I can however get access "hopefully" to computerised versions of this. Let me know what your after and ill see what i can do via PM.

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There is no printed manual ... and won't be until some aftermarket crowd (Gregory's, Haynes) publishes one.

Ford won't be publishing one as their manual is now all-electronic. So basically only Ford authorised service personell can gain access through the Ford Tech Service website.

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