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  1. fantastic works a treat. please delete. cheers Michael
  2. hi guys have just sold the xr6 turbo and want to sell some parts I have. No use sitting in my garage, someone on here might as well have em. I get an error when posting in the for sale section: The error returned was: Sorry, you do not have permission to start a topic in this forum I have over the post count required and have e-mailed the moderators address with no response a few times in the past. Can someone please help enable the option for me? please feel free to PM me and delete this thread. ta michael
  3. The link was from another forum and was asked to be removed by the person hosting it as it was starting to cost the poor bugger money with the major increase in traffic downloading it. ← no worries I'll put up my link this arvo then. cheers
  4. Hey There, Care to elaborate why we are doing the wrong thing? Its only to help members to fix and service cars etc? cheers Michael
  5. that's pretty common knowledge mate every man and his dog mentiones it just about every second day. sorry you got caught out! :(
  6. sigh ah well how can I test the actuator can hold say 14psi? Obv I need some compressed air? But how do I go about it? dont want to just replace it. thanks Michael
  7. is / was nick up here at the moment? I didnt realise :(
  8. replaced the solenoid tonight. no difference. yes its around 3000rpm ie when it should be hitting full boost. just like the boost curve posted up the top of this thread. Im going to go on another dyno again, and check boost curve again before I look at replacing actuator... cant think of anything else it would be? :(
  9. Picked up the solenoid today from Ford. Will pop it in tonight when I get home.... Hopefully this is the fix. does anyone forsee the problem being the actuator? spring having problems controlling the flap? ah well see tonight, as I spose actuator is next? cheers Michael
  10. hey Tex I thought you was leaving it stock for a while? that's what I remember you saying??? hahah good work mate! michael
  11. especially a Brand New BF 6 speed for $35k drive away!!! too good to refuse.
  12. Denmac Indroopilly (Brisbane) dont have any instock. $39 will arrive tomorow... will let you know if they have the right thing (ie price is off what you said) tomorow. :D
  13. I personally for the cash would go the xr6t. will be just as quick when you do the light mods.. :D mind you F6 is miles better, interior, exterior, wheels brakes etc etc etc :D personally I wont pay$50k+ for a ford falcon. lol
  14. I'll upload a copy today anyway so the load gets spread around... cheers for sharing mate michael
  15. thanks blonk I thought for some reason the solenoid was more expensive? if anyone has a part number I'll order one and pick up tomorow??? as stated above, spent full day removing every intercooler hose and every vacuum hose, double checked tham all. and re-fitted some new clamps to everything! :D I'll defo buy a new solenoid, I expected they be $100+ from ford lol. cheers Michael
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