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cool, looks like a few people are interested, next q? who has a good contact with ford to get a mates rate or good price?

im thinking 10 people $90-100 ea 20 people even better

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There is a training manual ford handed to its staff, it shows the diff in detail between the AU and the BA models a friend of mine has one he got it from a dude in Ford for a case of crowns and $100.

Its a good read and is set out simple for the greasy monkeys, Don't think its worth the $100 but.

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I saw the BA Falcon Workshop manual at Hillis Ford in Wagga about 3 weeks ago when I was having the handbrake adjusted. It had 2 or 3 thick folders, not sure if it was for sale though, I didn't ask. Its on the shelf behind their service dept. desk. Ford don't produce these manuals anyway, they are made by some big wackeedoo publisher.


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