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  1. Happy Birthday DavoWA!

  2. Happy Birthday DavoWA!

  3. Happy Birthday DavoWA!

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  8. Happy Birthday DavoWA!

  9. And the first hemispherical combustion chamber in a production automobile was.... Jaguar - double overhead cam - XK120 - 1948!!!! :lol:
  10. Just for us in the west, is that a near cough or a far cough?? :lol:
  11. I'm in. I'll have a look through some of my past rally maps (all bitumen) and pick some prospective routes. I don't have too much specific knowledge of various eateries etc, but as long as the food is edible and the vino is quaffable, I don't really give a monkeys. :lol: PS post #300
  12. Oh well, my turn to bring up the rear Thaks Al, it was a good day, even if I had to miss lunch and do some "family duties" down the road. Not having a "throttle control" in teh passengers seat made it easier to "bungy", but not when someone else wants to "bungy" at the same time Looking forward to the next one, but maybe the autokhana is worth a look out. I'll try to get some video pics to post.
  13. Holy crap, it feels like a million years since I visited the site. Too much damn work and travelling and travelling and work and ................................. Anyhoo, although the war office will be otherwise occupied, along with the billies (doing horse stuff), I have decided that although there is one of my favoured autokhanas on, it has been so hard for anyone to get any sort of a run together, that it might be another 14 months before another opportunity comes along, so I will be there. It's the least I can do, especially since Redhawk came and saw my *beep* during a rally. Onya Al!! Do we have a suitable "anthem" to play on the premium sound systems? Imagine half a dozen systems all cranking the same tune. I'm for a Led Zep number - anything really, but the Immigrant Song might be appropriate. See ya then.
  14. Being mostly a "good boy" now, and doing any "caning" at track days and autokhanas, rallys, etc, I think that the Phase 1 (and a bit) is more than enough for general duties. If I was more serious about track work, circuit and straight line, then Phase 4 would the order of the day. Beyond that, spend $30k on a proper race car. Speaking of a proper race-car, how about a Phase 4 type deal in a dragster? 350+kw and 600kgs should be good for 8's. Anyone got 2 or 3 spare bare motors available for development?
  15. I can't cut and paste all the appropriate quotes with which I agree, so I'll just have to say that for a vehicle of this type, price, origin and performance........... IT ROCKS :banghead: Just think of those poor punters with their $200k BMWs with more problems than all of the XR6 problems put together........... Not to mention the Generals punters.................................. Just a damn good car (touch wood)
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