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  1. Happy Birthday HUSTLER!

  2. Happy Birthday HUSTLER!

  3. Happy Birthday HUSTLER!

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  10. Happy Birthday HUSTLER!

  11. Thanks guys, will try the email... They are trying to fob it off now,saying that if I pay $160 to buy parts from ASL Logistics, that they can install it... as far as I am concerned, I am not paying sh*t until they can prove that it wasnt a manufactures fault. What do they think?? I banged it with a fricken hammer!!! Dicks!
  12. I should also mention my warrenty runs out next week, and I feel like they are just fobbing me round to get past this point so they can wipe their hands of me!
  13. Hey guys, I havent been around for a while, but I just need to get an opinion and possible answer to a situation I have encountered. As some of you migth remember, I have an FG, one of the first lot. Couple of Month back, the centre drivers side airvent broke, (back part of it fellout) . So I took it into Ford to have it replaced. The car is now at the repairers for the 4th time!!! CRazy for one little 10 cent air vent. The issue I now have is, they are trying to say that it is not a manufacutrers fault and that it was due to negligence... and for ford to replace it it could cost up to $5000, yes that's right, $5000 !!!! I rang 13 FORD to ask WTF was going on here and they again quoted me over 2-3 grand in parts only to have it replaced!!! Apparently they can not order just a vent and a full new centre DASH/console has to be ordered, which includes the computer etc etc!!! They are taking photos or some crap atm, as evidence. So the question is, how many seconds does it take to remove an airvent from a FG wreck, or is it not possible?? Surely these things just pop out and back in again!

    368.7 Rwk

    So what your saying is you two will have to have a run at the easter drags??

    368.7 Rwk

    Have to compare it to the fg dylan??
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