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  1. hi mate, my car is ford falcon fg xt 2008 running lpg. can I knock the joints and replace by a universal one to change the tail shafts?
  2. People need to remember ford had a very limited amount of money to make these I think they did a great job with both. snaptube vidmate
  3. Hi guys from PCMTEC, I these days sold a BA Xr6 turbo with a BTR, for the reason that I offered it I actually have had issues with the car stalling, it could occur at any circumstance however commonly as slower speeds, it's going to absolutely flip off the engine, at a few times it's going to simply stop accelerating, I can step at the throttle and not anything will manifest, however once in a while it will come lower back again, however at other instances I may not be capable of carry the revs up and it stall and stop completely. At times simply after it has stalled I will now not be able to crank the engine, it'll take a few attempts until the engine cranks and it starts over. I even have get admission to to ford IDS device and once I connect the automobile I get a distinct VIN variety than what my vehicle have and I can see that the bolts at the PCM were reduce, so the PCM has been modified at some stage. I even have already changed the o2 sensor, the crank attitude sensor without a achievement at all. Someone advised me that solenoid S7 inside the trans could be defective which controls the torque converter snatch, making it interact at random conditions, what could provide an explanation for the stalling and the no cranking. So I replaced the transmission, this made the automobile run exceptional for per week, but today it stalled again but I became capable of crank it right away. Please if a person have idea or facts approximately this I could extraordinarily recognize any assist.
  4. Wire and a field likely, I just like the appearance of the aluminum kit on LMR however I've found a number of these battery holders on amazon for not a horrific price, thinking about simply parting it out alternatively.
  5. Just so you know, oil usually does look that colour weather it’s done 1000ks or 10,000ks. It may have been due for a service for sure but that oil definitely didn’t look unusual. Some cars and particularly diesels, the oil turns completely black as soon as you put it in there and run it for a couple seconds.
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