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  1. Fhukn awesome man? put f6 sh*t in it plans? Its sooo tidy me rikey
  2. Im adding lubricating my pads and rotors to my maintenance schedule.
  3. Wait what the fark? Does keif have a red xr6t? the fark is going on around here?
  4. It was actually a credit to stripes finiancial decision making abilities not a honda rip. Im getting a barra still he is a farkin *beep*
  5. Whoever said rehab.... Probably where I should have been.... im going through some stuff... on a car/house related note, im doing a stripes and saying goodbye to the G6 and strongly considering selling the focus, the silver lining is I still plan to buy another place and a BFT to replace the focus so I literally have nothing but a sensible mortgage. BF F6 Manual is what im thinking.... edit: obviously I left out the parr where I sold my house and counting down days till settlement now...
  6. 4 likes, really... I dunno how you stay motivated around this place Luke. Solid effort for 4 likes....
  7. lol @ losing interest in going fast.... should have spent 40k on a NA v8 if your didnt care how fast it went....
  8. Wow... Ok, 1st you got way bigger problems than the powder coating melting if your coolant is hitting 200 degrees, particularly if its that temp in the overflow!! 2nd, What the fark kind of dick head thing to say was "XF, AU, BA are thingd of the past dribble dribble" Gianna you farking tossa. Is he dissing his own product saying its a thing of the past? As just Jet said good marketing is good.... I said to you a while back once this has been on the road for a bit you will get bored and that built donk will end up with a big turbo.... you know it. Just run what you got and when ot breaks throw it at the karnts head and tell him that's just all a thing of the past now your head will be right if you can replace it with a more efficient less farked model.... /end
  9. lol dont mind thr g6 front on it, stance is mint
  10. spotted this on FB, me rikey. Makes me want to build a fg ute drift nugget
  11. Good to hear you got Jamie locked in mate. Cant wait for the result
  12. hmmmm, you you done a fkn mint job of mocking up all the bay pipe work and having it welded, how is the exhaust different. For most I would say you will fark it up but you have proved that you dont lol, coz german. Want a hand putting the box in? I mean I was here at the fkn start to help get the first incarnation running so im happy to come in and the end take all the cream lol...
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