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  1. It'a been a while since I've been on here, but Thankyou
  2. Happy Birthday adie!

  3. Happy Birthday adie!

  4. I got my money back in the sweep
  5. Everyone in my team - except me - is in a meeting right now. Apparently someone needs to answer the phones. Im the only woman in my team, and not the lowest ranking person either. f*ck.
  6. I should be asleep, but I'm on here instead.
  7. My sister is still improving dramatically! Her platelet count is now at 63 (was under 10 when she was first diagnosed, and a healthy level is over 150), and her haemoglobin level has reached 114 (healthy for a woman is over 120) Am so happy! We're going to celebrate when her platelet count reaches 100. Shes been able to go back to work part time, too. Not as a team leader anymore, to her disappointment, but to start with, two afternoons a week. Plus shes back at the gym again (though not crazy like before). Is good to see her returning to her normal self.
  8. adie


    I lost a lot of stuff.
  9. This. Fresh out of the packet this morning...torn by the time I got on the train.
  10. Told him Tuesday that I hurt it. Straight away "go see a doctor". Mentioned Wednesday it looked better. "Go see a doctor" Tell him today I think it's infected. "GO TO DOCTERS AFTER WORK!!!" (Quoted from a text message) I take after my dad. Don't usually go to the doctor unless I'm dying, need a new script, or a certificate for work. Unfortunately that attitude had landed me in hospital In the past. Whoops.
  11. Morning all! Am knocking off early today. Hurt my finger at the gym on Tuesday last week (took a chunk off the top of it, and it's still swollen) and now it looks infected. Pazz has been bugging me to get it looked at for a week now, and I've finally decided to listen
  12. My idea? No. Just what I was forced to have with a pie when at my grandmas. Don't eat your veggies...don't get your pie. To make it worse, they were boiled veggies :(
  13. Nah woke up with a bad headache!! Maybe I spent too long upside down
  14. Morning all. Don't want to go to work today but don't have a choice. Gonna go dose up on nurofen and hope that's enough to get me through the day.

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