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  1. I agree with first gen comment. Been a while now with no hint of second gen.
  2. Well bit the bullet and bought an Apple Watch. Let's see what this is like.
  3. Well fecal transplant is a thing. Kinda grossed out at the moment.
  4. Go to the RAAF gym and hook in. Stop being a pussy.
  5. How is everyone going to watch "The Grand Tour"? The new top gear was never going to be the same. There was just no way you could replace those three. I believe it's getting better and I watch it and feel entertained.
  6. The media's ability to beat up a story beyond all reasonable measure. Just catching up on the fallout of the Eddie McGuire comments. Can't imagine how much it's being beat up in AFL states.
  7. That was so F'ing cringeworthy. That has to be a piss take.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/AspleyJuniorGuardian/posts/10153928346356749 Will make you laugh.
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