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  1. Use Bendix heavy duty in mine, good pad with minimal dust.
  2. You can't get 19x9.5 aftermarket, only genuine unfortunately, and they are not cheap about $900ea.
  3. Just get yours powdercoated, satin black looks good, about $150 from memory
  4. K's are a bit high but if its all highway k's then not too bad. Find out some history if you can, sounds like a reps car that's come off lease. If its been serviced regularly and its well looked after and price is right??... I would still get it checked out independantly as brakes and suspension could need attention soon. How much are they, how many k's on the g6? Oh, and welcome to the forum
  5. As bionic said above BA/F are different to FG and the info I gave is for FG. Sorry for any confusion, I have only owned FG's and didn't think there would be any difference :headbang2: Probably best to take it to an auto lecky or get another button. Think I read on here that FTG Auto Salvage do an aftermarket button for Ba/f
  6. The HSV GTS is supposedly getting a dulled down version of the supercharged LS9 engine, producing anywhere up to 430kw. An extra 100kw overnight would probably create another "supercar" scare
  7. Try doing a search for battery relocation, kits are available or make it yourself...
  8. Have a read through the 300kw and 400kw sections also to get an idea of whats required for high 300s. If you can pick up second hand parts like cooler and exhaust/dump it will be a lot cheaper. Check the classifieds section regularly.
  9. Hey mate, good choice there with the F6. Ute or Sedan? Have you had a read through this thread yet? http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/76044-modding-your-fg-xr6-turbo/ Lots of good info there...
  10. Could also be a coil mate. Must tick the exotic owners off to have a ford nipping at their heels lol.
  11. From memory when I got the info it was for ba/f, could be wrong though. I cant see why they would be different, surely fpv just adds the start button harness into the existing ford wireing
  12. Hey Henz, any issues with the 295 +35 when theres some weight in the back?
  13. Not sure about more noise but definitely more flow, can be up to 10kw, post on here somewhere about it. Not hard to do yourself if you have a couple of hours and 4"grinder with half worn cutting disc I have Xforce twin 2.5" in mild steel and its not too bad, a bit quieter than the 3.5/ 4" singles apparently. Plenty of topics in here about pros cons of different sizes/material etc.

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