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  1. Happy Birthday XRLENTFG!

  2. Happy Birthday XRLENTFG!

  3. Had everyone talking me out of a turbo for towing, but this has been extremely helpful thank you for sharing!
  4. Ok I will look into it! Haha yes I had a feeling because of the forum I posted on it may be a bit biased I originally wanted to go turbo but had someone try talk me out of it saying that the turbo would be unreliable. But I think I will do some more hunting for a cheap one or just get a turbo engine and gear box! Thanks guys
  5. I am not interested in moding the car once it is done (well I am but I can't really). I own horses and need to tow a horse float so unfortunately I need to keep everything as standard as I can. Surely once the conversion is done I can simply get it re-regoed with the new details??? How else would everyone else do it? Not to mention all those people who turbo their standard rice burners and they have no trouble with rego or insurance? I would sell, but with what my car is worth and the way those assholes work in salary sacrificing, after 2 years I now owe what I originally borrowed! So if I sell I am 11k down, and then need to get another car loan on top. And to top it off I am risking not even passing for another loan.. So, I am in a pickle! I would sit on this car but again need to upgrade for towing reasons and my car is decreasing rapidly in value the longer I have it with the Ks I am clocking as I live over an hour from work one way. So unless you can tell me that I REALLY shouldn't do it and why, help would be appreciated And matsfgxr6turbo, that is what I thought so I planned on finding a whole wreck. Then I don't have to worry about individual parts and surely buying a whole car would be cheaper.
  6. Has anyone done this before? I know people have done plenty of XR6T conversions but I haven't seen an 8 conversion forum yet. Just curious if anything would need to be modified to fit the 8 engine in? Also upgrades to the overall car. Mine is a 2009 manual FG. I would sell and upgrade but as I got it through salary sacrifice it seems I am better off just getting another small loan to convert it to an 8 or T, whatever would be easiest and cheapest. I would prefer to get a wreck and strip everything out, just to be on the safe side. If anyone knows of one as well let me know. I have mates who can help me install most if not everything that I should need. Cheers guys
  7. Hi, sorry not sure where I should post this.. but I am looking for matte black or gloss black roll bars. Do we have to get these painted or are they available for purchase somewhere? I can't find anything online for FG's!

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