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  1. Happy Birthday SmokinXR6!

  2. Happy Birthday SmokinXR6!

  3. Hi rockafellqeinstien, That's some serious haulin. ​It has been mentioned many times that the ute makes a better tow vehicle than the sedan (well, when it comes to the FG) Only down side to Hayman Reece kit is the HD tow bar interferes with the reverse park sensors. Fit the HD Tow bar and put the car in reverse and all you get is one loud constant beep. It only happens with the HD tow bar (I.e. 2,300, the 1,600 kg does not interfere.. It is a small nuisance in order to have a better quality towing solution with is easily adjustable. Cheers, Chris
  4. Hi Anthony, Stevebag sums it up quite nicely Every car I have owned needed to use its max revs in order accelerate from a standing start or overtake. The XR6 Turbo has such a massive spread of torque you simply do not need to ring its neck. It is amazing how your perception changes when towing with a vehicle that had massive amounts of power and torque in reserve. If your tow vehicle is doing it easy you feel more at ease. Conversely if your tow vehicle is being called upon to produce 100% of its power and torque on a regular basis you begin worrying if everything will hold together. As for
  5. Hi Samboc, Apologies for the late reply. I hadn't been on the boards in a while and once again I am humbled my post still lives as a sticky after 3 years. I never imagines I would still be contributing to this post after 3 years. Please feel free to quote away! While you are at it give this some thought! Whilst the falcon is rated to tow up to 2,300 kg the closer you get to that limit the more important it becomes to look at upgrading your trailer. By close my general rule of the thumb is; if your trailer is being called upon to lug around 80% of its maximum capacity and you plan to haul long
  6. Hi FPV Tranny and all, I can’t believe one of my first posts on this forum is still pinned many years later, this is very humbling, thank you all Interesting feedback FPV Tranny. I am 3 months way from the end of my lease and I am seriously considering an FPV. The only thing I hate is that they are de-rated to 1,600 kg I believe. I never tuned my Navara but after many long trips towing my boat I was glad to see it go. Whilst there is no perfect towing car, they are all about compromises; the Navara certainly commands the boat better due to its physical size and presence. When it comes to pow
  7. Hi All, Sorry it’s been a while since I have posted. I can't believe this post is still a sticky. That is very humbling, thank you. Since I wrote this post I have completed two more long distance towing trips and racked up a total of 36,000km +. Thought I would take the time to update my experience towing with my FG XR50 Turbo and at the same time take a closer look at its fuel efficiency whilst towing. My car has performed brilliantly with next to bugger all issues. The only one that comes to mind is my tires. After 36,000 km my rears were well and truly shot (yes I have been gentle on the th
  8. Happy Birthday SmokinXR6!

  9. Hi Jenny, congrats on the new ride and welcome to the 50th Ann Club. I picked up my XR50 Turbo (Silhouette) in November and I am still madly in love. Don't leave it in the garage, get her out and enjoy the mad turbo rush
  10. Hi Snapper, Love the name, caught some thumping big reds in my time Thanks for asking as you have prompted me about something I should have mentioned in my original post. I briefly touched on my tow setup for each car but there is allot more to it. My XR8 and Territory both had the factory HD Tow pack (includes the Weight Distribution Hitch (WDH)) I found the factory kit to be OK however there were several issues, namely: 1. The black paint peels of easily leading to surface rust if you did not repaint them regularly; and 2. The WDH varies between different Ford Cars. As an example the Load l
  11. EvilDaifu. True apps like Trapster are very battery hungry, at very least a car charger is required. In my case I went doen the path of installing a full Car Kit. As for the POI's, the majority of them are fixed. When you download the POI's you vae a choice of selecting POI's based on confidence levels. By setting this reasonbly high you avoid downloading the temporay POI's. Trapster has laso addressed tis as several of their POI's are temporary only (I.e. the road hazard POI's). I have tried other websites like POIDB.com and have found Trapster POI's to be way more acurate. In the end its a f
  12. All, Best advice I can give especially for those that have a smart phone or GPS is to create an account on www.trapster.com. (Not sure if I can mention this here, if not I do apologise, please delete my post) If you have a smart phone they have an app that works on almost all platforms, if you have a GPS you can download all POI's within a given radius which you set. What's soo good about this? Its a community based system with very accurate POI's (I.e. all cameras, school zones, known enforcement points, etc.... It has a huge following with over 11,000,000 users. Even here in Vic it has a goo
  13. ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could not have said it better myself, and yes I am biased (still with a massive grin )
  14. Happy Birthday SmokinXR6!

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