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  1. Happy Birthday Stazza_Brendan!

  2. You dont need a new outlet hose as the GTX3576R has the same 2inch size as the factory turbos. On B-Series I was able to keep the factory GT3582R actuator bracket on the GTX3576R. Drilling the tapping the GTX compressor housing isnt that hard. I was able to do it at home with the tools I already had. Although most people wont have taps in their toolbox. I have photos on how to do this if anyones interested. I used a Turbosmart 12psi actuator. Best installed on the bench to get the correct rod length. I went with a .82 rear housing which already had a larger then factory ford wastegate port and flapper but I increased and shaped it even better to control boost. On a B-series the compressor housing will be turned slightly more clockwise then the standard turbo when looking at it from the front when using the factory turbo actuator bracket. My Aftermarket hotside piping had enough play in the pipes/joiners to make up this difference though without buying/modifying parts. As usual, the water and oil lines all matched up perfectly. I just bought a 4inch 45deg silicone bend for my intake ($18 from Ebay) to match my Plazmaman 4inch turboside intake.
  3. There's a huge thread on here devoted to water meth in the fuel system section. I'm running (well still setting up) an AEM kit with a 19l tank, progressive pressure pump, hand controller in cabin and nozzle goes before throttle body. I remember people using water meth systems on Sigma Turbo's when increasing boost to control heat/ping. They were suck through turbo.
  4. Sounds about what we found up here with our tuner when my mate had the GTX3576R on his G6ET. Was happy at 400kw with octane booster for a bit of extra safety on 98oct. No Pump E85 here. Im getting mine tuned on 98 but using a decent water meth system to help make up the octane and add cooling. Im also using a smaller .82 exhaust housing for a ridiculously responsive turbo setup. Hoping to crack 380rwkw so I have 500rwhp.
  5. Traded my 400 in on a new (to me) bike today. 2011 Kawasaki W800.
  6. Nice, did spiro mention how much more was left in the turbo. Can't wait to get my gtx3576r tuned on my BF.
  7. If you search you will find it. Basically you need both original keys for your car.To program the key to the car (key itself not the buttons), sit in car with doors closed. Insert first original key into ignition and turn to ACC, remove then insert second original key within 5 seconds and turn to ON. The car is now in program mode. Now remove the second key and insert the new key and turn to ON within 5 seconds. The door locks will cycle 3 times showing that a third key has been added to the car. You can continue this up to 8 keys per car. Don't remove the keys till door lock cycles have completed. To program the buttons on the remote. Insert original key into ignition and turn to ACC. Push rear demister 3 times within 5 seconds. Press a button on first original remote, door lock will cycle, then the same with remaining remotes. Then remove key from ignition. Flip keys are available off eBay cheap but you have to get the right one. BA and BF use different chips inside and a BA chip won't work in a BF etc. The BA Falcon uses a 4D60 chip and the BF uses a 4D63. Check the listing as it's usually listed. And BA and BF have different ignition barrels.
  8. Got a FG style flip key cut, programmed it myself to the car.
  9. Rolled ankle at work big time, Swelled up huge. Now parked up at home for my days off. Great.
  10. Coolant tank in engine bay? [/url
  11. http://www.fordforums.com.au/showpost.php?p=5128180&postcount=323
  12. No updates yet. Been busy time of year. And been a bit slack but the end is in sight. I changed my valve springs to crow cams ones. And Im in the process of fitting water meth. Just waiting on a fitting for the nozzle to go in the intake then I can fit the rest of the system. So far I've installed the 19l tank, the pump in the tray with some shielding. Mounted LED below the foglight switch in dash. Just have to find somewhere to mount the controller. Currently thinking inside the centre console. Just have to weld fitting before the throttle body for nozzle to screw into, run lines, place solenoid in engine bay and run wiring.
  13. It's got a baffle moulded into it right behind the pickup. The pickup is at the lowest point.
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