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  1. Hi all, haven't been around for quite a while now. Site address kept coming up as not working. Assumed gonskiii. Anyhoo I'm now back. Lots of catching up to do. Probably spend a week trying to figure out who is what now days lol.
  2. First thing I checked ( after the floor mats). All removed and checked for splits. None were loose or cracked. At least tutututu frightened an old lady on lift off Shook her fist at me despite not exceeding the speed limit. Just as well I can't lip read!
  3. Just took the big blue taxi for a run went like a scolded cat. Very weird indeed. That said there must be a gremlin of some description. Investigations continue ?Thanks for your input
  4. I will check it out. Car shouldn't suddenly go all poo after 1/2 hour resting
  5. Hi Guys, Just got in the car following an appointment and it feels like something holding it back. It takes for ever to accelerate and is developing no boost. The car idles fine, but take ages to build revs even in park and neutral , no farting or spluters. Any ideas or feedback welcomed
  6. Brotherhood , 3 series based around an Irish family in a ficticious US city with 2 brothers on separate sides of the law looking after the community in vastly different ways. Lots of scheming, manipulating and character interplay Loving it. Good cast
  7. Post Pop Depression - The Igg, Josua Homme,Dean Ferita ( Queeens of the Stone Age) . Matt Helders ( Arctic Monkeys). Released 18/3 This record could be the called the final in the the trilogy of Iggy's Berlin( Bowie) classic albums from the 70s Lust for Life and the Idiot. Currently doing a 13 gig promo tour in the states. Rave reviews.69 years old an still got it
  8. can't see any posts in this thread since 13 Feb .
  9. Had the blue taxi off the dial for a few seconds 250k limiter disabled. Too boaty and had to back off any way as tarmac was running out
  10. now there's a meal idea. Salted Blundstone stir fry ( all natural marinade)
  11. Piss of Stever ! I live in no.3. The shame of it all
  12. Have you tries Condeze chrystals. You can even use it for your vaginal thrush. Will need pics
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