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  1. Friggin Rapidsystems and his shonky pipework. Ill take a pic later but basically its been rubbing against the manifold on the cold side almost all the way through. Cant order a new pipe cause Rapidsystems has buggerd off to valenzuela to hide from the people he owes money to. Sooo, upgrading to a black PW stg3 with a proper pipe kit fitted for less than the cost of landing one here myself. Cheers Rob. Bloody oath, lets see if I can squeeze anymore out of her now im finally getting a real system. Also, selling RAPIDSYSTEMS intercooler on the cheap.. hot side pipes are fine just cold side is f*cked. Comes with battery tray. Sent from my SM-G925I using Tapatalk
  2. I got the 85 conversion beginning of 2014 and used it twice in the first couple of months and haven't since.
  3. One looks after you regardless, the other looks after you based on the size of your wallet. Give em both a buzz and see how you go mate.
  4. Is Tempe Tyres safe to buy from still? I can't remember exactly where I read it but there was a company going under and still taking orders.. just dunno which one it was called.
  5. So the takeover wasn't a bad process like I first thought. We all kept our jobs - promotions to better roles, all got decent pay rises, new company mobile/fueld card and company car by next review if im worth keeping around. Things are coming up Millhouse.
  6. Expensive milk powder I reckon. I have a big appetite though so im always choofin down meat every meal.
  7. You reckon I should bridge it or purchase a repeater with a ethernet port (if they exist)
  8. I put a booster in the living room to increase the signal but it didnt do much, it made browing facebook/forums on my mobile possible but as for gaming or streaming - was too unpredictable.. specially during peak hours. In the study wireless speeds are around 40-50mb/s and in the master I get 0.5-1mb/s
  9. Yeah, sorta nice when you have the option to go wired lol. Wireless in the house basically dies after the study, which is next to the garage where my modem is so everywhere else is a Bermuda triangle of nothing but endless loading and buffering. It's an absoloute pain in the arse, so I cracked it.
  10. I cant stand wireless so I went out, purchased a whole heap of cat6 ethernet cables, a few routers and wired every device in the house. Next job will be to run everything through the walls and mount the tvs on the wall - the holes are already there, just a matter of getting a bracket and fitting it. Wireless can frig right off.
  11. Honestly mate if it sounds crisp on full noise that's all you gotta worry about. Cruise loud in these cars isnt the same compared to a V8, you'll get sick of the single note BRRRRRRRRRRR singing through the car on the freeway or slowy going through gears. I miss the stock exhaust to be honest, if there's ever a next time I'd definitely put research into an exhaust that's effective at increasing power but remains silent unless under load
  12. If its a root your after pretty sure the place in freos only 150 squids.
  13. Yeah same, if I had my time again I wouldnt go the xforce 4' again, bloody thing drones through the cab
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