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  1. Was going to say..... 50gb wouldn't even hold my music library
  2. All good - should really only need to bring something if you've got something you'd rather put on for yourself.
  3. Excellent - they happy with snags and stuff on the bbq?
  4. Baxrtute logged in a couple of days ago - I sent him a PM incase he's one of the growing number of members who are collecting notification points instead of reading them.
  5. Fark yeah - awesome news See if you can drag some N.S.Welshmen down withyou
  6. PM me your bosses number - I'll sort the time off for you.
  7. Offsite as in a removable drive I swap out daily and keep in my glovebox. NSA wish they had my data retention procedure.
  8. First post updated with Friday and Saturday plans and accommodation details. Please let me know if you're up for the Friday night BBQ and any meal preferences. Vegetarians are welcome to find another caravan park to stay at.
  9. Microsoft Onedrive FTW - seamless integration with all the computers of all my documents/photos/files etc
  10. I like/love the Mexican joint in Magill Road. Just need an excuse every year or so to book in for dinner. This year I'm dragging some forum members along
  11. All good - was just putting the offer out there to save us from having to turn up at your place after the pub shuts
  12. @JETURBO & @Frederick - you guys interested in at least the dinner if not the cruise on the Sat?
  13. I like Tuesdays Bin night - motivates me to clean up a bit deeper than most nights.