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  1. Yeah - "ah crap, I'm Keith again, time to reformat"
  2. I only notice because it tells me we need to upgrade something in the forum (obviously a admin prompt)
  3. I've been logged in as you too Keith - jumped out real quick
  4. Fark'n schools. 2 weeks holidays ending on the easter break (and term 1 being a short term) Half a week of school then Tues Anzac day Then a bloody pupil free day on the weds - with Monday being a proper school day. Every bloody year they pull crap like this. Have the holidays a week later, include the Anzac Day in that 2nd week and have your friggin "pupil free day" on the Monday or the Wednesday with school returning properly on the Weds or the Thurs. Instead no - piss the parents and the kids around with disjointed weeks, deny them the possibility of a proper long weekend and force the parents to find alternative arrangements for the kids midweek instead. Obviously the 3 months or so holiday they're "forced" to take every bloody year requires them to feel the need to screw us around as much as they can those other 9 months. Don't get me wrong - most teachers to a great job with the kids and do prep and out of school work, but some common sense with the arrangements wouldn't bloody hurt.
  5. Put some fuel in it and do some skids first
  6. Not pointless - highlights the fact that he was actually logged in and posting as someone else - that the issue is still very much alive and occurring.
  7. Sarcasm? Forgive me if I'm misunderstanding your angle (given the ellipsis). Like this :P
  8. Not sure of the need for sarcasm - he posted in another thread as Skids, was directed here so posted here?
  9. Chopper passed away - can you recommend another contact for ear remodeling?
  10. Too late for warranty work on my head lol Would need to go to a chop shop
  11. Will be doing an Anzac day BBQ if any Vic's were bored and wanted to drop in for a feed.
  12. You should just become a mod and do it yourself.
  13. I can't recommend a "double" blind enough - a total "blockout one" and a "shade one" between that and the glass. Daytime the blockout is up, but you still get 100% privacy and effectively a tint - sure beats having to choose between zero view outside and zero privacy inside. Awesome for filtering out the sun too.