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  1. Whats On The Menu

    Had some left over lambchops (cooked a load of them the other night on the hot coals of a firepit) so just fried them up with some soy. Yours looks a lot better
  2. Same effect if I wake up late for work/appointment etc. The shock gets the blood pumping and seem to be on a high and focused all day.
  3. I've got 1 screen that's a temperamental bitch. I can never remember the sequence it needs to work. Screen off or on, reboot, screen on or off etc. I think I needed to turn computer off, turn screen off, turn screen on, turn computer on. Or some variation. Anything different and it wouldn't detect the screen.
  4. Cool Stuff You Just Bought

    I get maybe a day and a half, but am in a dodgy 3G place so it's probably drawing a fair bit more pinging the towers and keeping signal than it would if I had a strong 4G signal.
  5. Bathurst 2017

    AFL, NRL, Bathurst - year of the snore-fest Nothing against the winners at all, but not much for the fans of the sports :S
  6. Bathurst 2017

    My money is now officially off Frosty
  7. Bathurst 2017

    Bloody females
  8. Bathurst 2017

    No one remembers the race - the Top 10 is what matters
  9. Bathurst 2017

    Mostert's done - my money still on Frosty
  10. Bathurst 2017

    Getting wet again lol
  11. Bathurst 2017

    Slade's farked because his aircon and sippy cup isn't working? Lucky it's not a hot day and bench seats lol.
  12. Bathurst 2017

    Yep - I was cheering for Skippy
  13. Bathurst 2017

    Red flag coz it's raining will be the next thing FML
  14. Bathurst 2017

    Made his annual appearance. Didn't get to thread the needle like he did with you, me and Keith on the SA trip.
  15. Bathurst 2017

    Last time I was up there the gun club was still on the road up to the campsite at the top of the hill. No excuses for any skippies at all.

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