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  1. Probably safer than over filling the lpg tank
  2. Fitting 10 more litres into the lpg tank than its taken for the last 4 years. (I think the cut-off or whatever cuts off the flow is dead - gas keeps ticking over slower and slower as the pressure builds up rather than cutting off) Got 400kms from a tank today -- previous best was about 330-350. Yeah - I know it can be a danger and won't overfill, but damn it's nice to be able to shove that little bit more in on a long trip.
  3. OK. Better report in. This little Mexican decided to infiltrate a day early under the cover of darkness. Snuck past the checkpoint (quarantine) without any issues and am currently holed up a couple of hundred k's behind enemy lines in Murray Bridge. Will be continuing the push forward in the morning, hoping to setup base camp in the hills overlooking Adelaide before lunch and will be awaiting reinforcements and local sympathisers to arrive with further supplies and to strengthen our numbers later in the day. I highly recommend the afternoon/evening tomorrow is spent pouring over the local intel along with a heavy session of R & R before the full frontal assault begins the next morning. Rab signing off for the night. May the turbo gods be on our side.
  4. No South Australia. That's a schooner, not a pint.
  5. 99.9 instant on the screen isn't unusual.
  6. Point to point camera for the 15kms?? between coonalpyn and ki ki. Not sure if it's cars or trucks only.
  7. Can put one in if you want me to (I can't play, but can steal my sons)
  8. I dare say your consumption on Friday night/Saturday morning will vary quite a bit from Saturday arvo, Sunday, Monday
  9. Packed a speaker so we can have tunes around the non-existent campfire
  10. Yeah - she suggested to me that they officially don't, but would consider tasking a look at the conditions when we get there. I doubt it too now - the weather looks far too nice for us.
  11. Only real way to test is to fill tanks, take note of how much fuel went in for how many km's over quite a number of tanks. If it's only over a shorter distance then any variables are going to be exaggerated. (e.g. 6 uphill, 4 downhill trips on one record vs 6 downhill, 4 uphill on the next one - all due to which part of the journey you reset the counter) I don't think??? the levels in the fuel tank come into the consumption calculations? Just the distance to empty (which is based on the level of fuel and the recent consumption)
  12. You too Gary - will be far more relaxed now knowing I'm not on a schedule to make it to the camp on time and that I'll be able to deal with "work stuff" tomorrow in case something crops up. Hard part will be holding off the beers until the rest of the crew turn up
  13. Was waiting for a "good chat" Dissapointed Cheers