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  1. Aftermarket coolant temp sensor location

    I just put mine in the top hose.
  2. Xforce 3.5" exhaust too loud

    Website suggests only one option. No quiet option. 2 mufflers on Xforce.? Nizpro FG has 3 for a reason.....
  3. WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread

    Anyone got a cheap reliable car for sale?
  4. Any clue which diff this is?

    Jack both wheels off the ground and spin one side. If LSD the other wheel will spin the same way (M78 has cones). How much power you got.
  5. Tail light issue

    Pull the light out and make sure the bulb is in correctly. It has offset pins.
  6. Any clue which diff this is?

    3.45 came with N/A 5 speed manual. Maybe others. I will check. Measure the half shaft diameter. This will tell if 78 or 86 diff. I will post more info.
  7. Stick with the edge. I use 5/40. In summer I use Mobil 1 5/50.
  8. Making A Non T Barra Perform

    EXACTLY. https://youtu.be/2WdqMX0Z7qI?t=1269
  9. timing cover removal

    Mine is spot on , 6 links between markings. You do realize you need the crank at top dead centre mark. You need the balancer or timing wheel on. Read the manual carefully.
  10. timing cover removal

    Yours or mine. Have you turned the crank to find the chain link marks.
  11. adjustable cam timing

    Its NOT a thread loctite.. , and shouldnt be on the threads.
  12. Cool Stuff You Just Bought

    69 dude......
  13. adjustable cam timing

    Loctite 5900 is a silicon gasket sealer. What has that got to do with bolts???
  14. timing cover removal

    Look at mine. I couldnt be bothered turning the crank for the markings to line up exact. But you can see that the sprockets are at the correct spacing.

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