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  1. Manual Ute Traction

    Yep coil springs were used in cars since 1906. Ford obviously just loved the horse and buggy.
  2. WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread

    Lets cruise out to York. Then we can open it up.....
  3. 400.7rwkw FG Xr6T - It still counts right?

    No contest really. Anyone that knows me knows that I could build a 300kph car tomorrow
  4. 400.7rwkw FG Xr6T - It still counts right?

    We were discussing how close to get into the 400 club. My 400.2 beat his 400.7. Who cars about EA EF EL with 388. Go over to the 2v forum. I have seen you car. You have described it perfectly. Speed is proportional to dollars. I have a few of those . So if I feel the urge I can go and fast as I want.
  5. 400.7rwkw FG Xr6T - It still counts right?

    Not factory turbo so doesn't count. We are talking 400 club. And that car is BF. My main car is BA. Unless you make 400.1. Not really relevant.
  6. 400.7rwkw FG Xr6T - It still counts right?

    388 doesn't make the 400 club.
  7. 400.7rwkw FG Xr6T - It still counts right?

    What turbo ??
  8. 400.7rwkw FG Xr6T - It still counts right?

    We are running 98. Will be insane on E85. Can't compare 98 and E85 tunes
  9. 400.7rwkw FG Xr6T - It still counts right?

    Monster tirque and hub XFT dyno read almost identical. The Nizpro BF has more mods than most cars Highly modified factory turbo Custom high comp cosworth pistons. Major head work Don't compare this car with others. It's on a different level.
  10. Just bought a Typhoon

    Get XFT to check oil output at the turbo. Also get them to plug in the flash tuner an see what's on it. See if they know the car or can see what mods it may have Let us know the outcome .
  11. high mount turbo manifoldss

  12. Ba xr6t timming chain replacement question

    Good luck with it, not a hard job, just time consuming... Dont forget the central bolt. Easy mistake, it goes ALL the way through.
  13. How To Replace Alternator on XR6T

    At that Ks was probably just dead brushes. Also looks like leaking power steering fluid. Watch it doesnt kill the new one. Cheap enough though. BA= 110A BF - FG = 130A https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/GENUINE-FORD-ALTERNATOR-AU-BA-9-1999-9-2005-4-0lt-6CYL-FALCON-FAIRMONT/231635361308?epid=1024754261&hash=item35ee8b1e1c:g:g7kAAOSwd0BVtyqM
  14. Wont start after gauge install.....

    How electrically minded are you?? The 12v constant , ACC and earth can all come from the cell phone plug. The lights from the fog light switch. You have shorted something and blown a fuse or fusible link under the bonnet. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zpw2FJYCuMKbn_xpTbgBjodrt8VH5Qcb/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XCTCPCOy54Jfm-c-OqjW37XR5r5AJSdz/view?usp=sharing
  15. For Sale: FG MKII G6E Turbo

    Swap for 15 foot boat and tattoo gun?????

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