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  1. Well done Got 2 of the exact same shower screens to replace the old crap I used to have - was wrapped
  2. Can hire them at Bunnings I think
  3. 8=============D
  4. Will have a look. Found string theory interesting a few years ago - decent doco below:
  5. My 1st go at homemade bacon So.... Waffles for brekkie Hell yeah - bloody awesome Definitely won't be the last time doing bacon
  6. Can't remember if you had a beard or not when you caught up with all us Vic's on the Adelaide trip..... oh - that's right - you didn't catch up with us.
  7. Just cracked a beer in your honour Keith Happy Birthday ya crazy mofo
  8. Even better - offer 200 peso's per hole
  9. Haven't you got a backpackers across the road full of '457 min wage fruit pickers? Buy 2 pole shovels and offer them $2 a hole dug
  10. Bunnings hire tools here - not sure if they have post diggers through. Alternatively - look for a local tradie with one who'll do it for a slab on his way home from work.
  11. hire one
  12. Was divorce that did it to me ;P Moved into CBD, gym and swim every day matched with pub every night and choosing what dinner to cook on the way home from the gym.
  13. Hehe - I was around 70kg til I hit 30yo.