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  1. Is that why you are standing at the computer today.
  2. Cheers Anyrate. Bought a full set for $40
  3. Don't part out a car that's salvageable half the fun is fixing it up
  4. Run what you have. Its cheaper
  5. Sweet. I need a least 1 set (4). But will take what you have thanks
  6. Anyone have some spare BA BF FG wheel centre caps for alloys. Can be plastic or aftermarket. Need a couple of sets. Cheers.
  7. "but if I get right up it and it loses traction (rarely ever and only ever up a hill) it dies in the ass, usually pops and has a breakdown for 30 seconds or so" It's valve springs
  8. Exactly. I have the cash to go as fast as I want.
  9. I will take 2 please, can you mod the bracket so the trims fit back on with no trimming. Mine do.
  10. That's 500+. And when I post the graph you can eat a dick..................
  11. These are bought brackets. The ones I will make will attach to the seat and move with it. But this did the job for racewars
  12. Google ba bf bracket. There is a pic of one on anti lag
  13. Best brackets move WITH the seat.
  14. New CREE LED for my autometer gauges. For anyone using T10 bulbs, these are the ones. https://aerpro.com/t10pl1w