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G40 1050

Tom Tucker

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16 hours ago, tofski said:

Something different , also heat management and did not want a 6 boost as I wanted good low boost control being more for the  street . The car did have a high mount and did run a 9.40  in a past life with a gt45


Yeah heat management is an issue, seen melted bonnet pics with high mount. The twin scroll / divided housing will help with coming on boost - looks like a hybrid type setup with a smaller exhaust housing as well?

Should be unreal.

What happened with the gt45 setup?

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The setup was sold before I got the car and the rear housing is standard garret 1.06

The whole idea behind this setup is to be more streetable with similar top end as a gtx42 and spool closer to 35 frame turbo.

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it was fine, @Superb. He was just saying he doesn't have fb. But he didn't realise you don't need an account on fb to view it. But I attached a picture proving that :)

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