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  1. It's a home build. Had the motor build by ample Auto down south so they will do the tuning. I'll start a thread soon 😅
  2. I'll share the results when I'm done. But yeah it's getting built for full send. Still got a long way to go though.. Gearbox and ass end will likely be getting a decent makeover in the near future as well
  3. I got a g40-900 going on mine with crow cams, custom alloy intake. Getting the thing tuned next month, the build is still in progress. Pretty excited to see how it goes
  4. Sorry about all the question marks lol I have a new phone and still getting use to the buttons
  5. The thing is the speedo is never working lol and I'm getting no abs or traction lights I'm really looking forward to the day its going again, it been so long since I've felt the turbo kick in ?. Am I booked in for the 18th still? I got faith you the man for the job ?
  6. @jeturbo is the guy I'm waiting to hear back from ? I'd prefer not to say who I took it to on a public forum or at least until my cars going so I can share both the good and bad experiences. But yea other people from this forum have recommended them and had good results, I guess I'm just unlucky! I mean there isn't many places here in Sa to take it to, it wouldn't be hard to guess.
  7. k31th- I'm waiting to hear back from someone to get it retuned/speedo fixed but he can't get me in for a couple weeks. So I figured I'd do what I can in the mean time. as for my old tuner I live over an hour away and have had a seriously sh*t experience with them and aren't wasting anymore time with them.
  8. Thanks for the reply mate. so what I read on the p0500 code is that the pcm receives the vss from the cluster? If that was the case would it be true that I could test the vss wire that goes to the cluster? If only I knew which wire ? As for the u1039 code I dont understand what SPC, IC and DLC mean.. im guessing it's either the cluster or the tuners done something wrong because the speedo was working fine before it went in. do you know if clusters are normally reliable?
  9. Hi all, I've been a member for a while now and read lots of information about lots of different things which has been most helpful. But this is my actual first post so be kind and any help will be appreciated ? Ok so I have a 06 bf xr6t zf 6sp. My speedo and odometer isn't working and the car won't rev past 4K rpm. I took it to a reputable tuner on the 8th of February for a retune after installing a couple more engine mods and I got it back from the tuners a couple weeks ago and they said they couldn't fix it so I'm giving up hope on them and going to try fix it myself. My dash is showing an engine check light and x4 flash tuner is showing 2 codes P0500, U1039. ive checked the batter voltage, it's 12v when cars off and 14v when on so I assume my battery is ok. ive checked and cleaned all 4 abs sensors at each wheel, they where seriously filthy so at least they are clean now and I assume they should be ok considering there's no abs illuminated on the dash. what else could it be? I'm thinking it might be the cluster but I don't want to be just guessing and buying things unnecessarily especially if there's a way to pin point the problem?
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