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Fg Offsets And Tyre Questions


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Sorry I missed this one... Yes the Work caps fit, you will need the raised version to clear the rear hub nut though. Can't remember hub size. You'll need hub rings though.

73mm to 70.5mm centric hub ring. Alloy better than plastic if you take the wheels off regularly and do track days. Alloy ones are more durable and cope better with the heat.

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Each to their own on wheel and tyre sizing.

But... I'd prefer run a 9.5" rear at +38 with a 275 tyre,

Than a 235 or 245 on a 10.5 +15.

When we line up at the lights, don't complain about wheel spin. Haha

It all depends what you want from your car.

I have 10'+25 , with r888's no problems, I guarantee the footprint is larger than a 275.. just takes some careful measuring. I.e,fitment

but I do agree, each to their own, I for one, cannot stand wheels sitting inside the guards, I think it looks like a mistake, same goes for Mexican, I do think it gets pushed a bit far sometimes...

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Hey Guys,

The work wheels, aren't going to work out for me, won't get them until mid July... Sux.

I know 2 people that have got X7Rs in the last 2 weeks

Go with Jesse streeter VIA DHL shipping (only about $100 more for the set than the 6-8 week sea mail so like 400 vs 300) and you will get them way quicker than that and a way better wheel than rotas

I would go some bigger sizes for the deeper concave. Im thinking of getting them in 19x9.5+12 and 19x10.5+12 or 22 for my BF if my VS-KFs sell and nothing decent 2nd hand comes up

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On 25/05/2015 at 3:18 PM, SamK said:

Hey guys, just wanted to ask a few questions about wheel size and offset for my xr6t.
I was going to run some jap wheels, probably WORK XD9's or something similar.
I was just wondering what size and offset should I go?
I will be installing shockworks soon and that should lower the car so I get a flush sorta look. Preferably no rubbing haha.
I have to clear brembos as well.

Do you want to run 18 or 19 inch?

18x8.5 +32

18x9.5 +30/38

19x8.5 +30

19x9.5 +30/38

The 9.5 +30 offset will sit a smidge outside the guards but can be fixed with a rear camber kit.

You will be looking at the Work D9R, it is the successor to the XD9.

Quick search on ebay and you will find them for 19x9.5 = $351/ea, 19x8.5 = $337/ea, 18x9.5 = $337/ea, 18x8.5 = $322/ea

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How much scraping do you get? Does it wear funny, especially when cornering hard?

How much camber and you have coilovers hey?

no camber no scraping, lowered sssl springs, and this thing squats hard.

I have recently flared my guards a little too go bigger though.

CR 2P's are my fav rim atm, was looking at these for my missus car.. be sure to put some pics up!

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