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My Bf Xr6 Na Engine With Turbo

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It's alive! Reversed her out of the shed, powerglide works. Just need to finish putting a few things back together and it'll be ready for a test drive. Haltech ECU is amazing, so many options and ea

Got a few things done lately. Modified my power steering pump to relocate the reservoir, brought an FG XR8 res and bracket and mounted it near the booster. Decided I'd get a transmission builder to

Had a crack at fitting the shifter today, made some mounting brackets out of some 3mm thick aluminum right angle plate. Had to play around a little with the height to get the shifter to sit where I wa

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Yeah its still flexible, I check them every down and then but I do have bonnet vents which keep the temps down.

Been trying to find the factory coolant lines but can't plus not sure how the would go on anyway lol

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If you can't get hold of a stock hard line you could make a hard line fairly easily if you have a pipe flaring tool and the other tools/parts you need.


I can take some pics for you sometime if you want to see how all the stock stuff looks.

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Ok I took a few pics from the turbo to where it attaches over the other side under the thermostat housing. I'll post them in order and the last one is looking from the back of the car to the front.















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Haha I knew I should have taken those pics. Brb.


Ok so you can see that it runs straight down and around the front of the turbo ust under the intake and terminates in a pipe under the ps pump.





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All good man. I know all about putting off annoying little jobs. The only problem is they add up and turn into annoying big jobs.


Are you any good at brazing? You could make it work with some bits and pieces.

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Na I have no idea about brazing. I could get some steel piping made up to go where my rubber hoses are and get banjo fittings put on for the turbo ends. I think I've found out the bolt sizes for the banjo, m14x1.5

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2 hours ago, NA_TURBO said:

Haha they've been there for over 12 months with no issues at all. The hose is rated to 140 degrees


Funny you say that as I was doing some R&D the other day with a lazer temp gun whilst a FG turbo ute was on the hoist running and at a long hot idle the rear housing is at +250* and the CHRA floating between 180-220. 


Just sayn as under load those temps skyrocket ;) 

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Got dish? Lol

20x8.5 and 20x9.5 its got 275s on the back :)

Vents help alot with the under bonnet temps. I don't care if they don't look pretty, they do their job and that's what matters.659e4c33adc30bb11eb6bf5b8745846a.jpg

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