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My Bf Xr6 Na Engine With Turbo

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It's alive! Reversed her out of the shed, powerglide works. Just need to finish putting a few things back together and it'll be ready for a test drive. Haltech ECU is amazing, so many options and ea

Got a few things done lately. Modified my power steering pump to relocate the reservoir, brought an FG XR8 res and bracket and mounted it near the booster. Decided I'd get a transmission builder to

Had a crack at fitting the shifter today, made some mounting brackets out of some 3mm thick aluminum right angle plate. Had to play around a little with the height to get the shifter to sit where I wa

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Pulled out the old na motor a few weeks ago, she was getting a bit tired lol. Now have a fully built motor in with a gt3582r with billet front wheel and 40mm flapper mod. Made 292rwkw and 870nm of torque on 12psi. Going back in a month to get it tuned on 16psi just hoping the box holds together.

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Lawn needs to be mowed haha

Just done plazmaman 70mm hot side piping and looking for a bigger intercooler today as ive only got 450x300x76 which is a bit small. Motor is built just needs the zf strengthened

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