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My Bf Xr6 Na Engine With Turbo

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It's alive! Reversed her out of the shed, powerglide works. Just need to finish putting a few things back together and it'll be ready for a test drive. Haltech ECU is amazing, so many options and ea

Got a few things done lately. Modified my power steering pump to relocate the reservoir, brought an FG XR8 res and bracket and mounted it near the booster. Decided I'd get a transmission builder to

Had a crack at fitting the shifter today, made some mounting brackets out of some 3mm thick aluminum right angle plate. Had to play around a little with the height to get the shifter to sit where I wa

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Those circular diff bushes although are great for NVH are not the best option for performance applications.

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So my Davies Craig electronic fan controller died again, third one. Adjusting button seems to get stuck the dies. So I made my own relay system to control both fans from the cars ecu. Mine only came with a single fan, hence why I've made my own relay setup.

Yes it looks dodgy but it works.7f8de0503e1821d3ed3148f473714ccf.jpg

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an Eboost even with no RPM reference can still be set up to deliver a much cleaner power generation display that that graph above
Soooooooo seems like a certain somebody didn't have the settings on the eBoost set properly.

So after the tune the eBoost settings were SP - 47 GP - 7.2psi

Have since learned that the Gate Pressure should be roughly 3 psi below the desired boost pressure and the set point adjusted to steady the boost. I've changed mine to SP 17 and GP 11.5psi.

Power comes on a little later in the revs by only about 200rpm, but not as strong and seems to keep the power to redline. It used to rattle a little if accelerated too hard in the wrong gear but it's stopped that now.

Need to work out how to give the eBoost an rpm signal and also to activate my intercooler sprayers lol
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I was just trying to keep thing's local instead of traveling 450kms to Adelaide for tuning. I have no faith in my car traveling 900km round trip and doing god knows how many dyno runs. I'd be screwed if we got stuck over there..
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It’s only “Dura” lol not far at all, been there a few times myself, I wouldn’t hand your car back without it being reliable buddy haha 


just ask George @fun001 who came from NSW for a Tune ;) 


seriously though if you've heard it “rattle” its far from tuned correctly !

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