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  1. Diy Tuning

    We have sign off on the Flex Fuel for the Falcon We have also added table resize so now you can have higher resolution on things like Spark MBT and BLK. Of course they get "Flexed" so the dual map version is the same size. Will be released next week to customers. A big thank you to Danny at Springy Performance and Stathi at Independent Motor Sports. Danny will be offering kits and config files to allow you to install it on your car. Biggest win for me is the dual maps so that I can just switch between LPG and petrol and the PCM will use different, timing, fuel, ... This will be really handy for cars with NOS (wet or dry) Check out Danny's video here:
  2. Diy Tuning

    El Andrew, Dont use those numbers, scale the factory injectors or I will send you a calibration for them that works. Those number have been on the net before and are no good for our 4 bar system even when scaled. They should be about 48lb high slope.
  3. Diy Tuning

    Well have good news. Just worked with IMS and it is all working as expected. Just a few clean ups but there is now Flex Fuel in the Falcon One thing to fix is Stoich recalc but I was expected that could be a issue to resolve. I will do that and the WOT gear change over the weekend.
  4. Fuel Trims - What's Normal?

    On the Fords the STFT under Open Loop Fuel conditions will be based on the commanded lambda. So it you have a commanded lambda of 0.79 in Open Loop then your fuel trim will be 21%.
  5. Diy Tuning

    For those interested in the Flex Fuel for the Falcon it should be delivered to our two testers tomorrow. At this stage it is only running in my car and I am still optimizing the final version of the code whilst Roland adds some really neat features to the editor to support it. Basically the code works by reading the Flex Fuel sensor for a % ethanol reading and then uses different blend rams for things like Stoich MBT, cold start table, spark and boost. Bend tables can be changed individually for each table and I have added a few custom ones for fun. Here is the sample of what we have included in the Flex tables: Our testers (IMS and Springy Performance) will be getting a more friendly version, this was only to show yo some of what is in there.
  6. Haltech Falcon plug & play discussing thread

    Very interesting read, I wonder how they got the ZF to work and whose software they will be using to tune it
  7. Diy Tuning

    We are now getting a lot closer to the custom operating systems being released. We are still getting our workshop testers to send us the tune to customise. Final testing is being done on the gear based boost control on automatics at wide open throttle (WOT). This is due to Driver Demand gear not being calculated at WOT. The feature that is working really nicely is the fitting of the 4 bar boost sensor and using the stock TMAP sensor instead of replacing it with the 4bar TMAP. PCMTec will switch over from the TMAP at a configurable voltage and use the boost sensor as the MAP reading. This has fixed a bunch of issues and massively improved drive ability. Closed loop boost control still works as well as decel fuel cut. Been a real time saver for tuners as well. Will keep the forum updated.
  8. Diy Tuning

    Joe (HoonTune) has finished his testing of the custom tunes and reported back. Great news it is working perfectly He now has a car with wild cams driving perfectly (MAP being used instead of Cam Angle to clean up fueling) Custom Gear Based Boost control is being used on car with over 1000RWHP to get hook up in the lower gears on the street tyres and getting full boost/power in the higher gears. Note the factory calibration does not support it gear based boost control (it is a MK II FG turbo 6 and it is not running the XR6 Sprint calibration). Pretty happy with the result, now any Falcon can have Gear Based Boost control and much more.
  9. Diy Tuning

    Cautious optimism Apart from a logging issue with HP Tuners (it cant log custom OSes and SCT corrupted OSIDs) it looks like the boost by gear test we have done is working. For the earlier FGs we have an improved solution for the gear based boost control. I will extend the scope to have a look at torque management by gear as well. Rolls and I will now be working in integrating this into the PCMTec Editor and we will provide updates on the forum link as it progresses.
  10. Diy Tuning

    Rolls and I funded this between us and are both full time. At this stage extra resources may slow us down as we both work on separate areas and can focus without having to manage the extra resources. If we can get the Australian tuners to switch to PCMTec then we should be able to make this work, then we could properly deploy the new resources. If we can make this work then we would be quite proud of providing something that is gives the Australian Ford tuner the best solution. We already believe we provide the best tuning package for both the PCM and TCM but know we are missing a scanner and a hand held flash tuner. It is our mission to make this the best tuning solution available and feel that this will make it viable.
  11. Diy Tuning

    Yeah the flex fuel is 1/2 there already, we could use the auto octane tables as well. The O2 sensor could be used to adjust Stoich etc on the fly. Next project is really the scanner but could you imagine what this sort of level of tuning would do the the Mustang market Yeah I used HP Tuners for years. Almost two years ago I gave them extra tables to put in the BA/BF, DMR fixes for things like Airmass and volunteered to help them. Sadly they are not interested in our market.
  12. Diy Tuning

    puffwagon, there would be enough memory to do this but this. With the release this week we are adding all the Drivetrain Protection parameters and manual launch control Ford put in the late MK IIs so there may be something there for you. My priorities here are to deliver the list on the forum and then once this is working see if there is anything extra required. My heart says put in a Wide band in place of the second O2 sensor and do things like Ethanol level % or LPG detection as well as helping tuning. I am not even sure we will have to time available to go much beyond what is committed on the Forum. We will want to move this level of tuning onto our next project
  13. Diy Tuning

    For those interested PCMTec is working on Custom Tunes see: https://forum.pcmtec.com/index.php?/topic/25-custom-tunesgear-based-boost-control-for-baba-and-early-fg/ This is a very different level of tuning and goes beyond the OEM Calibrator level we currently support. Soon you will be able to do things like: Gear Based Boost Control for the BA/BF/FG Change table axis like using VSS or Gear instead of Intake temperature for the Boost and Wastegate tables Change decision points for thinks like Open Loop Fuel (make it MAP dependent). Increase table resolutions Add custom axis We think this will change the Ford Falcon tuning landscape forever
  14. Diy Tuning

    Ah yes I thought you had one O2 sensor. Correct car wont start without an O2 sensor being configured. The Ford PCM needs an O2 sensor so the quickest solution is put one in. My bad for misunderstanding that you only wanted the front one configured. There are two people in WA with our software, Robbie from Monster Torque and IH8TOADS. I am not sure what you are going to use as a speed source but the SCT boys only seem to know about TCS, ABS and transmission shaft, there are a few others as well. Fun times
  15. Diy Tuning

    First issue is you will need to change your speed source and there are quite a few to choose from. It is in SCT and our software for the calibration and we are testing the VID block editor as well. I doubt it is in HP Tuners. They may be able to help or you might have to get someone with other software to do it for you. Second, turn it off in HP Tuners they support that. Third, just use HP Tuners to tell it the boost sensor and wastegate sensor are not fitted.

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