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  1. I'm still confused. As the topic states... So do we need a surge tank /kpm intank solution for under 350rwkw. FG mk 2
  2. Hey guys I've tried searching but can't find any decent reviews on these wheels. 20" hussla rims, are they any good? I know there cheaper than your standard genuine well known brands but will they eventually crack/buckle? Has anyone tried them and what are they like. Any help is appreciated thanks
  3. Yeh I dont think I'm too worried about a couple rpm... a little off topic but the tuner has also recommended at the same time to fit surge tank. Now I know there are plenty of threads, one long one in particular but still unsure whether its needed for 340 -350 rwkw I really dont want to spend the extra $1500 or so but definitely want to be on the safe side... what are your thoughts
  4. I dont want to go e85... Will highflowing the fg turbo get me there? Along with a full exhaust? Ported 64mm billet wheel hybrid turbo Garrett actuator, 40mm inconel flapper, hand ported waste gate.. that's what has been listed. I'm abit new to all this so any information is helpful.
  5. Haha had a feeling that comment might come. Thanks I always said I'd be happy with 300 but I think now 350 might be a little more suitable lol
  6. Hey guys, I had my car tuned and even though I missed out by .2 kw I'm still pretty happy with the way the car feels. Stage 1 plazmaman intercooler Turbo side intake Venom highflow cat Bosch 1000cc Injectors Car has made 299.8 rwkw. 13/14 psi, 98 fuel The tune was done on a 40 degree day so I'd say if it was cooler I may have cracked the 300 Eventually I'm aiming for 350 mark. Tuner has recommended next step would be to highflow the turbo. I dont want to go over 350 but whatever the cheapest and safest options are I'm listening..
  7. Sorry im a bit new to all this, so I can run the orange wire to the extra port on that 2x4 plug? No splicing into any other wires?
  8. Yes exactly right. The function is to save whatever colour you have chosen. I can try that, otherwise worse case I guess I'll have to extend the orange wire and run it straight to the battery
  9. Hi guys, sorry if this has been covered in someway but I have searched everywhere.. Ive been reading a few people have wired up there boost guage to the cig lighter on FG xr6turbo with no issues. I've purchased a SaaS boost gauge from Autobarn which has 3 wires. White=12v dash lighting Black =negative/ground Orange= connect to battery. This is what's on the instructions of the guage. The cig lighter has 2 wires.. Black =negative Blue= power My question is where is everyone connecting the third (orange) wire. Are they running it to the battery seperate? I have spoken to SaaS and they said the orange must run to a constant power source or direct to battery. The cig lighter isn't the best spot to connect it too. How has everyone else do it.. Thanks
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