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  1. Nah I dont sorry. I looked everywhere but mustve got lost on old phones. Would be good to see though. Best Ive got is an old post from the forum.
  2. https://photos.app.goo.gl/a4GGkeB5MnbyUVA19 Hopefully that works lol Yeah that's still with the stock 235s all round lol but yeah I was surprised. I did a best of 11.43 at 126 years ago in my manual BA on semis.
  3. Thanks mate. Its a start, dont claim I know what I'm doin by any stretch but always learning and had a couple blokes with a wealth of knowledge to help steer me in the right direction. Ive done valve springs on the weekend and got some trans stuff to work on with shifts but hoping to go a bit better next run but I feel im just about out of turbo but will see. I love the looks of people when you blaze past in the barge, its priceless lol
  4. Been a member here for a while owning a BA XR6T sedan and BF ute years ago but life got in the way unfortunately had to sell them. After having 3 kids but wanting boost still and to try something different I ended up with an 09 Sy mk2 turbo ghia about 2 years ago. Aug last year I run it down the strip stock as to a best of 14.53 @ 95mph. After that I started doing a few mods when time permitted. A mate also had HP tuners he leant me as id been reading up on tuning for a while and decided to give it a go. Mods so far are: Full hurricane exhaust 4" dump, 3.5" system Full p
  5. Digging up an old thread, did you ever figure out what was going on op?
  6. Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, had a trawl but couldnt find anything. Just wondering if anyone knows if the G6E turbo came out in the mystic green/blue colour? I know the xrs and fpvs did ive looked through gumtree and Carsales and havent seen any so thinkin they didnt or if they did just super rare. If someone knows the answer thatd be great. Cheers
  7. Rito as much as I hate to admit it, I accidently put the R1 down the other night. Got a big too excited on a backroad at night and came into a corner a bit too hot and put it into a ditch (im alright apart from a few scratches and bruises). Its scuffed up the rear swing arm, the LH fairing is badly damaged, front nose cone crack, engine cover badly scratched but not cracked. Just wondering if I contacted insurance to have this assessed would it be a write off or would they repair it do you rekon? Its a 2010 R1. Thanks Guys
  8. I think leather seats and a momo steering wheel lol ive pulled the magnet badges off it now anyway
  9. Its shockwave, hasnt had a respray but paint seems to be holding up pretty well. Ive gotta thing for blue cars apparently lol
  10. Yeah didn't take long lol we always planned to get a ute instead of another sedan due to being a lot more useful as the missus has horses. She was adamant we only needed and xr6, I said like hell, its gotta be a turbo and once we got it she was glad we did lol I haven't really got many photos of it but this is one I took after giving it a wash one day. Its not much at the moment but plannin on spending a bit of money on it this year. Get some new wheels and fix a few things up and then get a retune.
  11. Yeah sold it unfortunately back in October 14, decided to buy a house so it had to go. Sold it to a older local fella and its still getting round from what people have told me, I've only seen it the once. I pretty much been blastin around on the R1 and I picked up a bf xr6t ute with zf last year for the right price. Has rods, pump gears, v/springs, 3.23 diff gears and all the other usual bolt ons. Lookin at chuckin a surge, 1000ccs and bigger actuator at it and e85 later on in the year.
  12. Sorry bout the late reply, this comment is probably a bit redundant lol but changing from tbr to plenum only gained around 8kw without playing with the tune. However when we started adding timing and boost etc it responded better with the plenum but we were out of turbo. We could have played with actuators and preload etc to get a bit more out of it but only being a ba I didnt really worry about it.
  13. Hey bud, sorry for the delayed reply havent been on in a while. Yeah ive done that road a few times as I actually live in calliope and go for a quick squirt every now and then. Be good if there were more roads around though for a good thrash that isnt dead straight top speed runs, plenty of them round here lol
  14. Some were a bit narrow but majority weren't too bad, plenty of road room to throw it around corners so the camera makes it look a bit narrower then it was. My mates camera is a Drift Ghost HD. The footage on my Go-Pro doesnt look too bad. There are Lots of nice roads down SE QLD, Just wish I could get down there a bit more to do some riding.
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