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Upgrade xr50 turbo

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Need some advise on upgrades and money spent on xr6 fg Turbo ute from performance to brakes ect

based central Coast nsw

Have been quoted 6k to get 400rwk that’s trading in stock turbo...

valve springs, cat delete, stage 3 intercooler upgrade ect and cooling plus inline oil filter of course 

told k&n filter is better than any growler 

no mention of fuel pump but yes upgrade injectors 

this is at tuggerah nsw

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Who was that?


Have a read thru this thread to get some insight on what works well 


Most importantly though is to use a tuner with plenty of barra experience, even if you have to travel. 

A local place may be guns at commonwhores or jap or euro cars but won't guarantee a happy ending.

@MattyP @BAXRTUTE @MBAF any recent feedback on blacktrack in Cardiff? Used to see their name pop up a bit.

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Blacktrack not backtrack

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Black track have been quiet here but even the big Sydney tuners have let me down that list seems a little odd though,

The best my car performed for daily duties was stock turbo maxed out on e85 

cheap to get there, loads of fun on the street and still did regular 11s

id recommend 

Intank fuel pump (walbro 460 or equivalent)

1000cc injectors

exhaust (decat if off road use only)



And enjoy on e85

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Absolute horror stories mate 

go to someone decent whom knows what they are doing 

a lot of tuners buy a dyno and tune aftermarket ecus (because they’re relatively easy) and think they can do the xr6ts and completely sh*t the bed or even copy paste tunes 

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Who would you recommend mattyp?


I’ve had 1 guy tell me to install kn air filter in standard air box and put some drill holes in base of box??


I know first thing is online oil filter?

What can u tell me about upgrading brakes and price ect 


really after some proven eninge upgardes and recommend brands ect 

brakes and anything else I may need...

do many opinions out there....

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Do yourself a favor and have a good look through the 400+ section. No point getting cheap parts now that won't cater for a small increase in power in 6 months.

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go to the main page of the forum, scroll down, keep scrolling till you find the 300+ club, then the 400+ club and so on.

You will know what we mean.


getting a new Oil filter for the turbo line is recommended. getting rid of the old one is the recommended bit actually. whether or not to fit a turbo line filter is another story.

Some members have just removed the oil filter all together. others replace it with an earls in line filter, like I have.


I replaced my air box filter with a K&N filter. gets cleaned every service. Simple replace filter and off you go.

If the car gets tuned, the Tuna will put a whole at the bottom left corner of the air box for more airflow.

I know, because my airbox has said whole and car is pushing close to 400kw.


Brake upgrades should be done first before any power mods. it is the more sensible approach.

You could get Brembo's like everyone else and it will cost a fair bit to get done.

I chose the cheaper option of upgrading my brake lines to braided lines. then removed the OEM rotors and replaced them with DBA4000.

My first set of brake pads were Bremtec stuff which caused me so much headaches with shudder. Avoid at all costs

I then went with Bendix ultimates. good bite, but very dust pads. I then went with the project mu ns400 pads.

Been a good pad. not as dusty as the ultimates


I have spent way more than 6k to get where I am at the moment. All I got to say is don't skimp out.

Good luck with the build

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9 hours ago, [email protected] said:

Thankyou for the advise???

Can you tell me a bit more about hole in box or even a pic

what size hole would u say?

75-100mm, lower front of the airbox

Go to the 'fuel system and induction' section in the tech part of the forum, then do a search for 'hole in airbox'

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