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  1. MUZz1984@

    FG-X Sound System Install

    Remote wire plugs into fuse panel and no need to cut and run wire back for amp, u can splice into rear speakers for amp signal👌 A lot easier
  2. MUZz1984@

    FG-X Sound System Install

    Nice what did you connect remote wire to? Back of icc?
  3. MUZz1984@

    Dose? Mod xr6 fg

    Can anyone tell me about this dyi mod to piping on fg xr6 bad or good? sounds cool but is it destroying the turbo?
  4. MUZz1984@

    Fg Sub Install

    Did u ever get answers?
  5. Hi can someone tell me exactly how to install amp in fg ute...
  6. MUZz1984@

    Upgrade xr50 turbo

    Appreciate all the input from everyone would appreciate as much info as possible and best products need to know everything possible also can anyone tell me 100% what the rear wheel KW is on stock fg??
  7. MUZz1984@

    Upgrade xr50 turbo

    Yes so seems to be oil leak on top of turbo from either the inline oil filter or the other and oil from engine breather also...
  8. MUZz1984@

    Upgrade xr50 turbo

  9. MUZz1984@

    Upgrade xr50 turbo

    Yeah no problem but how do I put up pics??
  10. MUZz1984@

    Upgrade xr50 turbo

    It seems to be on top of turbo where inline filter bolts and also from oil line on block
  11. MUZz1984@

    Upgrade xr50 turbo

    Thankyou for the advise??? Can you tell me a bit more about hole in box or even a pic what size hole would u say? Seems I have small oil leak on top of turbo where I think filter is? and ideas????
  12. MUZz1984@

    fg engine rebuild

    What do you know about xr6t perminace upgradea?
  13. MUZz1984@

    Upgrade xr50 turbo

    How do I find that?
  14. MUZz1984@

    Upgrade xr50 turbo

    Who would you recommend mattyp? I’ve had 1 guy tell me to install kn air filter in standard air box and put some drill holes in base of box?? I know first thing is online oil filter? What can u tell me about upgrading brakes and price ect really after some proven eninge upgardes and recommend brands ect brakes and anything else I may need... do many opinions out there....
  15. Hi man

    we should meet and go for cruise and pick your brain about my car...

    and what do I do about inline filter 

    remove oem what does that mean??


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    2. MUZz1984@


      Hi mate can’t find the post 

      can u help guide me?

    3. MattyP


      Hey mate it's just on his Facebook page I'll try and dig it up

    4. MUZz1984@

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