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    While I’m at it, this is the new BBQ area I’ve almost finished..
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    Time for a [email protected] and fluff update... So to start from the beginning... about 18 months ago we decided we were outgrowing our house and wanted to purchase in the neighbourhood I grew up in for more space and proximity to the city. Then one day I came up with the idea of demolishing my parents house and building two, one for us, one for them. This is the Home I grew up in, it’s a 1920’s bungalow which has seen far better days and in a state of no repair. Mum and Dad don’t have the cash to fix it so basically we’re just going to live in a dangerous crap hole until they died. The house, as much as it’s old and farked, is our home. All of us have lived under this roof at some point. My grandfather owned it and raised my dad and my uncles and aunties here, then my parents moved in the day after they got married some 40 years ago, then Az and I lived here for a while too. It’s a big part of our family and something I’m going to miss. Well a few days ago, after 18 months of surveying, planning, designing and logistical nightmares ... the bank finally said yes to the 1.1mil it’s going to take for the project. We’re not going conservative, the homes were designed by me from scratch and some of the key features are: - full 2 pack kitchen with induction and gas cook tops, stone bench tops and window splash back, 2.5x2m island with all draws and built in bins and lighting. - fully equipped butlers pantry with double sink, built in dishwasher, breakfast nook and all custom cabinetry to flow into the laundry with fold out baskets, ironing board and dog hutch. - matching 2 pack caninetry to the rest of the house with stone tops on the entertainment units etc - recessed toilets, gold tapware, inset sinks, feature lighting, hardwood floors, timber feature staircase, wine room, fireplace and 2.7 ceilings upper and lower levels. -giant master suite with open plan ensuite and a walk in shower room, again with 2 pack cabinetry and also matching cabinetry to the bedroom - Home office hub which controls all media and home automation with iPads throughout the house and then the kids retreats - huge alfresco and a backyard of 18m x 11m big enough for a swim spa and loads of grass for the kids and dog. That’s all I can remember at this point... but basically we’re pretty excited. Mum and Dad will also have a 2 story with the same features but a more practical layout. We are selling our place and currently living in the destitute house while it’s being sold. We decided it was too much maintenance to keep as a rental... so as soon as that’s finished were moving into a rental and knocking this old girl down. Here’s an example of the bathroom in it atm... I know it sounds funny, but I will miss this place and probably cry lots when it gets knocked down :( Over the next 12 months there will be loads of pictures hopefully posted and showing progress
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    I reckon this guy needs to lay off the drugs, of course you will crash if you take LSD and drive.
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    wash and wax day Bowdens fine clay bar, Bowdens nanolicious wash and Bowdens auto body wax took some time - - wash, clay bar, wash, dry and wax
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    Pulled my finger out and nek minute my motor is hanging from the crane.
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    Soooo @Frederick though instead of going out tonight let’s buy some old school crap and get drunk staying in laving a laugh got everything from EB games for $66, that’s cheappppppp for a laugh I think haha anyway it was my first time ever in to EB games and I had one of those movie moments when everyone in the store stoped, went quite and looked at me when the checkout bloke asked what games I’m into and I said “I don’t play games, I’m to busy” ... felt like I was standing there naked lol Anyway lucky Dani organised everything over the phone and I just had to say pick up for Aaron played one song and my fingers hurt ... I'm no gamer but like the music being played
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    Test drove a Stinger GT today I <3 Bananasing loved it
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    Had to take "little Puff" to the doctor to get a cast for his broken arm Was teaching him how to ride and he fell off So..... I broke his arm.
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    Just a couple of small ribeyes tonight
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    Hahaha yeh that wouldn’t take long at all Anywayzzzzz back to doing what I like doing and that’s tuning turbo falcons ! I’ve actually had 2 previous customers request I not post up about their cars and that’s fine as it’s their journey and property so I’ll do whatever makes them happy but this last one is as per normal so I’ll share away. Bit random but the young bloke decided to go a full Plazmaman 800 kit and race intake and battery relocation kit, centre muffler delete full Turbo spec service, cooling system service but put the brakes on doing injectors and Hi flow cat ..... I did my Job with explaining why’s and how’s but it’s a job for round 2 and again no matter how weird the request I’ll do what makes customers happy To be honest I’ve never done the mods in this reverse order but hey it is what it is and actually went a touch further than what I normally see stock injectors go and it’s pretty fast on the street for what it is at 276rwkw on 9.5 psi
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    Here are a new set of 0.020" JE forged pistons that have coated skirts and ceramic tops. I picked them up for $1300. There are bargains out there.....
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    Finished work, had hair cut, home, showed and now sitting in my recliner on the back deck with drink in hand. Contemplating the next 2 and a half weeks I've got on holiday [emoji16]
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    Got bored. Thought I'd upgrade the fuel system haha
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    Thought I'd put up a build thread so hopefully I stay on the right track, keep motivated and do some learning/helping. Car is an 03 BA XR6t 5 spd manual and leather interior Yes I know not the best platform to start with motor and gearbox wise, but bought cheap enough with the intention to at least change to 6 spd. Purchased about a month ago and already has the following mods: Plazmaman Stage 1 Intercooler Process West Crossover Pipe Kit Battery relocation to right hand side with copper-core welding cables used. Plazmaman Sheet metal airbox with 4” K&N filter VENOM twin 2.5" Exhaust VENOM 3.5" Cat Fabricated Tig welded oil catch can with K&N filter Turbo bored out with larger flapper valve Turbosmart wastegate actuator with 10psi spring In tune Motorsport turbo oil filter installed Walbro GSS342 255lph SN95 Mustang Quickshifter with adjustable stops, stainless lever and carbon knob Custom carbon gear lever surround 19” OX Racing OX111 wheels Lowered on King Springs and Munroe dampers Nolathane Polyurethane bush kit Including diff bushes DJR Bobtail spoiler HID headlights Projector headlamp conversion Also came with an SCT xcal 3 flash tuner Body is a bit untidy and needed bigger injectors and tune. Pics from when I got it Few things I already found I needed to fix. Had a few oil leaks. First one I found from the oil return into sump. One of the bolts that holds the flange on was stripped so I put a helicoil (thread insert) in. So I left the oil in until I finished drilling and tapping the hole out, used grease on drill and tap to prevent swarf going into sump, but dropped the oil and flushed afterwards just in case. Replaced sump plug with a new one from Repco, which happens to have a 15mm head on it. WTAF??? Who the feck does that. Damaged thread. Sorry don't have after shots. Noticed PS hose leaking too. So gave everything a good degrease Wanted to change the coolant reservoir/overflow and wanted to check what spring was in the wastegate actuator. Didn't look too hard to do, and after little reading on here and another forum saw some people having a hard time with it and taking turbos and manifolds off. Anyway pulled the coolant reservoir out, removed the dump pipe, cross over pipe, oil feed and coolant supply to turbo and hose to actuator. Check out my sweet light setup! Removed the bolts for the actuator bracket, bottom one is slow only using an open end spanner. Pushed actuator back so I could see the R clipholding the clevis onto the flapper valve arm. Got my seal pick in the end of clip and pulled it out. Yes it snapped. Then squeezed the actuator out of the bay, it's tight but got it. Found it had a 10psi spring, not a 12 like I originally thought. Reinstalling just same as above but in reverse. Make sure you push actuator back as far as you can, open wastegate, and put clevis back on arm. I just used a new E clip. This is where you can check the actuator rod preload. Push the bracket forward towards the turbo and that gap should be the preload of 2mm. Bigger gap in pic as I wasn't holding it up. Bottom bolt on bracket could be tricky. I just gripped the head with long nose pliers, got it sitting in the hole, then put pressure behind the head with the pliers and got it started with the open end spanner. All back together Had to replace the vent hose to catch can as it was so hard and brittle. Have a big roll of the blue air/chemical hose so just used that. Will change to black hose and the catch can at some point. Sorry for the story. Will be updating tomorrow, I mean today/tonight. Thanks for looking... if you got this far lol
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    I find it amazing that everyone has been complaining for years about the lack of options, and when one presents itself they complain about the price. I've just had my car rewired again, as I wanted to modify my harness and delete the factory PCM. Think about the costs involved with supplying a unit and making a harness, compared to the new replacement Elite 2500. Let alone having FREE tuning software with the package... The price comparison would be comparable to still running HP or SCT...... The biggest problem now, is that anyone with an Elite can tune and modify their own tunes. This will undoubtedly affect the income of some performance shops in the short term. But will increase workloads for engine builders, as more engines will be damaged/destroyed by amateur tuners.. The cycle will go full circle. Dale has confirmed that it is a replacement unit and has live tuning.
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    As some would know, sometimes in certain circumstances you can fill in a release of super form, for things like medical bill payments etc. We have clients fill them in to pay off their housing debt, they also have the ability to request the release of funds once every 12 months. The problem is, the money doesn't come to ourselves to pay the clients debt, it goes to the client. One of our staff called up a client to find out how they went with getting their super funds out, the client was successful and the staff member asked when we would see the funds. The clients response was "I thought it better to pay off the drug dealer first...for safety considerations"
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    I know a bit late but happy Monday. Was another terrible day weather wise in Perth
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    Couldn't wait Had to grab some over priced airport food
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    Zero sympathy when where he "has" to return to is where most of us dream of going for a holiday.
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    I was there in 95. Stayed at the, Park Royal paramatta. Got up early every morning and went down for breakfast. Sat at the big long table. Then the teams would arrive. Luca Cadalora. Norik Abe. Max Biaggi and a few others I can't remember. Met Kenny Robert's senior in the hotel foyer on sat morning and had a 15min chat. He was just sitting all by himself Then on Friday and Saturday night I would go down to the small bar off to the LHS of the foyer. It was strange. There wasn't anyone one else there Next minute up rolls , Daryl Eastlake, then Kevin Magee, then Alan Jones (F1) then Barry Sheene . I know there was a couple of others but can't remember. We all shared rounds of beers and bar snacks for 2-3 hours. This happened both Fri and Sat night. I remember it so well. We drunk carlton cold stubbies. Then later on Saturday night the guy I was with ( his mate) said he knew where the Suzuki guys were . So off we went. And there in the club was Kevin Schwantz and Daryl Beatie. Shook both hands. Schwantz had long bony fingers but a killa grip. Strange the things you remember. Awesome weekend. Will never forget
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    Far out man that was a long racing session. I've had enough of that sh*t!!! Final results so far: 2.02.473 and 23rd.
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    I have seen your other post. I suggest you turn off NOTHING, until you learn to drive...
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    Had Mario come back for one of my lowering packages after receiving a tune only last time and working the basics out before we tackle more power mods ! This time I supplied and fitted a full set of KYB’s and SSL king springs all round full service michelin Pilot sport 4’s all round 4 wheel digital alignment and fixed a coolant leak Started off at pretty much 363-356mm HTG all round and now right at 343-345mm level HTG has completely transformed the car and next round hopefully will be one if my brake packages to compliment it all then we can hunt for more power
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    And she went in the water today, and no water went inside her! Fyi, was told they were 6bt Cummings motors. They're actually C series. So a bit over 8 litre/500ci. What a terrible day at work
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    $1160, that included a box of extras/spares: Fox DHX RC4 coil shock with 300, 350 & 400lb springs, basically brand new DT Swiss tubeless kit, new Medium & light weight fork coil spares Santa Cruz grease gun & grease DT Swiss hub ratchet spares QR wheel adaptors
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    Picked up my 'new' toy last night Was an ebay deal, roughly a 200km round trip to pick up and I bought it on face value as these bikes are top quality and it had a decent build spec. With the ridiculously low price I won it for I was pretty wary and half expecting to find a beaten hag with worn pivots, thrashed drivetrain, possibly even a hairline crack or two in the frame...at worst case I knew I could more than get the coin back easy enough by flogging off the parts. Seller was a top bloke, the bike is a gem and I'm a bit For the first time in its life the ute started overheating on the way back, convinced the blue bitch was jealous lol That or the thermostat.....
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    @Rab I recently used 'Basalt' for my slat screen fencing out the back of my place and I'm definitely still really happy with my colour choice. Don't mind the weeds...
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    A room with a view 3 bedroom apartment, 41st floor [emoji3]
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    hip hip hooray, hip happy Friday this video came to mind cos Mrs BCB has organised the hotels for our holiday so I don't know where I'm going enjoy
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    Engine's back, mostly went with JETS suggestions, JE pistons (+0.020) scat rods, arp studs (head & main) atomic oil pump gears & cover (ported myself after brad said where to enlarge) atomic chain, guides & bottom cog, balancer & flex plate. Torque plate bored & honed , file back rings straighten crankshaft (!) plaz valve springs, ford exhaust valves & head gasket & new heat exchanger. It's mostly back together & intending to change it over this weekend
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    It was 16° in the house this morning. Also the internet just got reconnected! I did a few speed tests and it's coming down at about 44 and up about 18. Wooo!!!
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    And it just keeps getting better [emoji39]
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    Looks like I've got pre-approval for the home loan. Just waiting on the confirmation letter and I can start getting serious with offers on places I like.
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    Here you go @k31th I used a higher mount for my GoPro to get a better visual on the road ahead only problem was that the lanyard I use to tether camera to the bike in case of mount malfunction, must have been flicking against the camera body making a very annoying clicking noise on the sound track oh well, next time I'll tape the lanyard to the tank - - - - - - for all you guys in W.A. that are keen for a corner or 2 - - - -
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    Probably similar point to coming on a forum and continually shouting about how much money you've got...
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    Just completed and passed a certificate 4 in “Electrical installations in hazardous areas” HV/LV/ELV and certification of existing hazardous areas with the pathway to Diploma well and truly started it was without a doubt one of the hardest assessments ever due to the risk associated with installations and having the ability to now certify others Pretty happy with myself
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    sh*t, I missed it... Lucky I have MotoGp pass and can watch any race from 1992- present
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    Yeah no difference on the pc.
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    indeed it's a big "if"... most people who get their car tuned use a lot of WOT, including me, so yeah, your fuel economy can suffer, but it's absolutely worth every second of fun to use the fuel in such a way
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    Hip hip hooray [emoji3] Hip happy Monday [emoji39] Got in late last night to our 4 bedroom apartment, so didn't see the view until today.
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    yer hes not in melbourne that makes me un happy weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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    Haha hard to know! I'm on office worker and I'd have a go at that stuff. My main problem is I need the car as a daily. Not much fun if it's 11:30 pm and there's still car parts spread over the garage floor! Reminds me of when I did the upper trailing arms in the rear of the EL. Thought I'd be efficient and do both sides at the same time to save tool swapping etc I.e. take bolt out left side then take it out right side. Problem was the arms help locate the axle against the pressure of the springs and weight of the suspension. Couldn't make the holes in the arm line up with the mounting points. Ended up tying the axle to the jack from the boot, then tying the jack to a tree. Then wound the jack to pull the axle until the bolt holes lined up. Not sure if I was more amazed at my ingenuity or my stupidity. Now I only ever do one sidebar a time. Helps if you can't work out how something goes back together too.
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    Had an amazing seafood spread last night and big congrats to the wife for putting in so much effort. Went down to the main seafood place in the city and spent a good 4-5 hours preparing and cooking and the results were seriously brilliant Fresh crayfish tails all dressed up with a buttery/garlic and spices added to it before oven baking fresh king prawns, peeled, cut and panko crumbed with only egg yellows salt and pepper squid tubes sliced Fresh king George whiting lightly crumbed Fesh flake home made garlic loaf chips, salad and beer totally wicked stuff and definitely worth the hectic mess made of the kitchen haha but god dam the wife can cook
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    Mate there’s many places in Victoria for genuine brilliant work on xr6 turbos, you’re spoilt for choice... PitLane Performance Nizpro turbocharging Herrod motorsports Maxx Performance Dynomite Performance Im a big fan of the top one as the owner has put years of advice and effort onto this forum and does amazing work
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