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So out of interest do many of you guys and girls know of people that have had adverse reactions to the jab? Here in nz there seems to be a fair bit of sh*t hitting the fan. The other day pm jacinda ardern posted on fb asking people to comment on their experiences and adverse reactions. There was apparently atleast 17000 posts and alot of pissed off people, the moderators couldn't delete the comments fast enough and only left a few thousand comments on there. Some people took screen shots before they were deleted though. 

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Yeah nah had both of the pfizer jabs and only felt like arse for a week or so after the second one. First one was nothing much to worry about.

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Got my second phizer yesterday.
Today feeling a bit fatigued that's for sure.
Kinda like I done a light gym session on my entire body.

I would recommend before getting it take a take a few days off before and after of any strenuous activity.

On my fist dose I trained legs the day before getting it and I was in a world of hurt for days after. Like my body couldn't do both at the same time so just let my legs be in pain lol.

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haha I only had injection site soreness on my first pfizer dose, but I did a workout (outdoors, so less intensity than a gym, but a strong workout anyway) about 1.5h before the injection...


getting my 2nd dose on Monday.

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