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Issue Xr6t fuel

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Haha him or me? Don't worry mate, smart arses abound around here. Don't worry about it, we're all mates anyhow :)


I'd pull the plugs and check them all. If one of them is a good bit blacker than the rest then you can try to revive it or just replace it or the lot of them.

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Replacing plugs is a relatively cheap way of eliminating a possible issue.

Don't forget to re-gap the plugs .7

Or Lpg plugs.


As puff said buddy don't take the sh¡tz and giggles to seriously.

Where all smart arse's, but generally helpful smart arses.


Might be worth checking ya o2 sensor as well, mine definitely cleaned up the idle issue a fair bit. Next is the up stream sensor.

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Don't try & clean sensor just replace it with a new quality one (only the frount one not the one under the car) O2 sensors are not designed to last the life of the vehicle veiw them as a long term spark plug. While these engines have suspect coils (replace with genuine only) if it runs good on the road it does not sound spark related, as you accelerate you add more fuel and therefor need more spark to light it. If there's not enough spark at idle there's not going to be any were near enough under acceleration for it to run properly. by all means change the spark plugs  (and do a comp test while your there) check or replace coils is a maintenance thing on these engines. You might just have a leaking inlet gasket or the injectors need cleaning but you have to make sure the basics are right   

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Thanks bud for taking the time to do that. Yeah im definatly guna buy a new one today and put her in.

Also while ive got your attention, if the p/steering pump has a leak, does it constantly whine under ecceleration cheers
I cant work out if its box related or power steering might try the good old hose trick to listen for nose
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