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3 hours ago, hoe said:

Got a sophos xg330 to run opnsense at work.
Middle sg330 runs opnsense/adguard/suricata at home.
Bottom one runs Windows 10 as a backup pc/ media server. 77db081a666bbc13fc186340be9bcd3b.jpg

My movie/music collection is on a qnap nas/external raid, which have well known security issues.
I've never had a problem though.
Apart from the security, probably most useful thing for home use is adguard. Gets rid of all the home screen crap on smart TV's, just leaving the menu. Also good for Tapatalk....

The sophos units are overkill though, all you need is a basic box with 2 network ports. If you're going to run suricata/adguard/multiple vpns etc and/or have gigabit nbn you'll be needing something better.

I'd run sophos, but it's incredibly expensive. Fortinet is also good, but even more expensive. Don't buy a s/h fortinet box as they're locked down and not easily opened up, the hardware is excellent though.

I bought the sophos xg as I want to run sfp vdsl modems which don't play well with the on board sfp ports on the sg series. They work, but sync is 20% less than it should be. They are ok in sfp+ ports on expansion modules, but they are hard to get and expensive. The xg has on board sfp and sfp+ ports, so hopefully will be all good.

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Just got a Steam Deck from Kogan


Got the 64gb one with a 512gb SD card for storage when using Steam/Games and another 512gb SD card to boot into windows anbd use as a normal PC. Another 256gb card for emulatiors - should be able to play old games up to and including nintendo switch games - Zelda here we come ;)


I'll throw a 512gb or 1tb SSD in it eventually but not needed yet.


Saves me lugging my lappy to work - USB C to the monitor at work and I've got a full windows 11 desktop with mouse/keyboard and all my programs etc setup.


Will look at one of the stand alone LCD monitors with inbuilt battery and I won't be lugging so much gear around.


Headed into the high country for an extended long weekend next weekend and leaving the lappy home - the deck should give me all I need. Will try a bit of photo/video/drone editing on it to put it through its paces.

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