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Planning on doing another PC build next year, gonna be buying stuff in stages. Got the RAM over the weekend after yet another photo editing session using up all 16gb of RAM I currently have.


Nice set of 32GB 3600MHz CL18 from Corsair in White, perfect for the build next year, and will work in my current setup to give me more head room for the time being!

Best part, only cost me $165!!! Cheap as for what it is!!!


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I need to stop. Yet another great deal I couldn't pass up!



Hoping everything is ready today, then I can set up the new mobo, cpu, and RAM. Get windows resinstalled, and get the other stuff up on marketplace so I can get heaps of bots and low ball offers on 2nd hand PC parts :) 

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Weekend build went well! No drama at all with the rig and runs great!

Couple stress tests has yielded no crashes so far with the OC'd RAM, 66°C on the CPU after a 20min prime95 stress test. GPU is hot, always has run hot - buts that's what happens when you buy an AMD card I suppose.


I have a 1440p monitor, couldn't really play any games at 1440p previously but seems to handle it okay now. GPU is not the best for it, but getting a solid 50-60 fps playing Hell Let Loose so can't complain, if I wanted high FPS I could always reduce it to 1080p.


Quick Specs:

Case - Fractcal Design Meshify 2 Compact

Mobo - MSI MAG X570S Tomahawk Max

CPU - Ryzen 7 5700x

Cooler - H100i ELITE Capellix

RAM - Corsair Vengance 32GB 3600MHz CL18 running at 3866MHz

GPU - MSI Radeon RX 5600 XT 6GB

PSU - Corsair RM650X (650W)


Completed Rig Shot

I need to get another QL120 fan for the rear I reckon to make it complete 👌



Also got the opportunity to calibrate my monitor with a new calibration tool from sypder, the SpyderX Pro. Had used the sypder2 before and it sucked. Its too old to be useable nowadays.

Some pretty good results if I'm honest. I bought the monitor for the colour accuracy more than anything. Bit of a downgrade from my previous monitor in terms of accuracy, but I really missed having a low latency monitor. This one is also 165Hz :) 

Used software called DisplayCAL over Datacolors own. Much better UI and better results due to its superior calibration techniques. Its open source and has a lot of data to work off of.




Some progress pics here if anyone wanted to see. Should have taken a pic of the final cable routing because its a work of art 👌👌

Something really satisfying about making the cable routing neat and tidy.

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