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Windscreen Washer Nozzles Not Delivering Fluid

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Not sure where this one should go, it doesn't really fit anywhere.

So nothing is coming out of my windscreen washer nozzles (FG MkII). There's definitely fluid in the container, it was low so I filled it up but it definitely wasn't empty. I can hear the pump working, at least it sounds like its working but nothing comes out of the nozzles. I didn't like to keep pulling the lever for too long, I was afraid it might burn out the motor.

I do remember reading something similar and it was a common fault but I can't find the thread. I seem to remember it being a pain in the arse to get to whatever needed fixing but it wasn't actually hard to fix...just wondering if its easy enough to fix before I take it to Ford instead (still under warranty).

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Never played on a MKII..

Check there is water in the line that runs to the nozzle.. If there is stick a pin down the squirter I have seen gunk in them a few times..

But I've also had luck running water water through it to clear it out.. Mixed with a bit of decent cleaner (like exit mould or something) just incase there was some mould or something funky blocking the line..

Edit: jut read warranty..

Try the pin.. If that doesn't work let ford fix it..

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Mine have done it twice and its not the nozzles which I have cleaned, ford "fixed" it.. was okay for about a week then the drivers one stops again, hose was full of crap, like little sticks and stuff. Apparently ford just use a bucket of water from the local creek/dam to fill your washer bottle.<br /><br />Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk<br /><br />

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Thanks guys, I shall try the tips when I get home from work.

As for the algae build up, is there any way to stop it? Any sort of chemical we can add to stop it growing that isn't going to also ruin the pump or washer blades?

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Any ideas how to remove/replace the nozzles without removing the complete full length panel that they plug into , 2012 XR6T

 FG model

One of mine broke off during attempted removal/cleaning



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