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  1. Hey gents, been a while since I’ve been on here. Thought I’d post a pic of my ute since getting new plates and some various other mods thanks to monstatorque
  2. It certainly gets down the track pretty quickly, barnz! I remember reading the VL turbo was rated stock at 201bhp, so no wonder they've stuck a barra in there Even with the turbo "Nissan" 3L, they're still quick cars... Plus the hectic dose! :D
  3. Not unusual to see x-trails and camrys with light bars in the windows around Perth...
  4. Just keen to gauge interest, does anyone plan to attend big als poker run next year?
  5. tobylee

    Car Stolen

    more in response to captain retard and the comments about agreed value being changed. Anyone with agreed value policies might pay to check the pds and see if and when agreed value gets altered by the insurer
  6. tobylee

    Car Stolen

    Might pay to check if agreed value gets paid out if the car is never recovered. I've heard stories of agreed value automatically being changed to market value to combat insurance jobs and ghosting of cars.
  7. So disappointed they haven't answered my question of which local shop they prefer more, Coles or Hills Fresh. I copped the same thing when I lived in ballajura. She told me she lived very close - Malaga infact! I'm sure he / she thought they were quite clever researching surrounding areas. Conversation ended abruptly when I asked why they lived in an unpopulated, dedicated industrial area.
  8. Na def not android! Too many features on those phones
  9. Panda - that's exactly what I did when I sold my VX. In my price range was the XR6 or the SS. XR6 was better value for money. If I had to do the same between a FGX or a VF, I still think I would easily choose the FGX. The experience a guy had thundering his "worlds fastest 4 dr sedan" down the 1/4 mile for a blistering fast mid 14 sec pass is where it's at. Or hammering a GTR-XU1 around Bathurst driving it right up to the threshold of disaster, knowing that I do not have a bunch of digital safety devices to control my car in the event of making a mistake. It's raw, and it leaves the onus, mostly, on driver error. This is prob all a moot argument though. It won't be long until we drive our cars via apps on our smart phones, and then the argument can change from "Expensive Daewoo or ford" to "apple or android"...
  10. I'm the opposite in this case jet - a Expensive Daewoo guy turned ford. I really like both cars and would be happy with either. A car packaged with a blower and brembos as opposed to park assist is a car I'd sooner spend my money on though. Not talking from a mechanical point of view - purely an operators one, it's the experience of driving I'm more focused on. I hugely rate 4x60 a/c (well, 2x150 in a turbo ute)...you get to hear all the sounds of the car which lead to being able to drive it smoother and quicker. Not withstanding the huge load a/c puts on an engine as well. Either way, so long as the cars I drive aren't powered by RB25's or 2JZ's I'll be more than happy.
  11. Why are people obsessing about "features"? These creature comforts are making for very lazy and unskilled operators of both cars and trucks. There was a time when cars had non-synchromesh boxes and controls on the steering wheel to advance and retard timing etc. but have been phased out by easier ways for the average motorist to use. Now the argument seems to be - if it isn't the fastest, cheapest car, loaded with the worlds best gadgets and able to run a 10 second pass while listening to Bluetooth music with the air-con blasting while eating a Big Mac while my slush box changes gears - it must be a poor attempt at building a car. Who would actually ever think parking assist is a feature that a muscle car driver would ever want or need? "Yeah, I love driving forward really, really fast, but I can't maneuver it backwards even at crawling pace".....I don't want to share the roads with people that can't park a relatively small vehicle.
  12. I reckon maybe your mate is the h#mo if his eyes didn't automatically zoom in to her...
  13. That's what you get for trying to jump the super pit I forget how old I am sometimes... It was about 20 years ago I had mine also. Pretty clapped out by the time I was thru with it though. Not having 2nd gear while thrashing thru the bush made for some interesting riding!
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