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  1. Any ideas how to remove/replace the nozzles without removing the complete full length panel that they plug into , 2012 XR6T FG model One of mine broke off during attempted removal/cleaning Cheers
  2. Now that I have had a closer look at the " blind Screw" under a decent light- it was dead easy--that was a bit embarrassing being so easy. Thanks for the input--Cheers
  3. Thanks Puffwagon, you are a gem. Their was a bit a confusion / clarity about this clamps removal. I will give the cap removal a try. Cheers
  4. Yes you are right there --Sh...t.-- clamps. Probably found them on a Ford left over "not to used again' parts shelf on the assembly line Cheers
  5. Thanks OZY____ Three of the hose clamps are normal screw type one , but the other three are cone shaped head with a circular centre --neither hex or spline key ones. See attached https://imgur.com/a/BSf5jLy
  6. Hi masda, How did you manage with the large Induction hose clamps with their special clips, buy the tools at Super-cheap or Autobahn? Cheer's
  7. Hi Ben,


    Have you ever tired cleaning the Throttle body on you XR6T. ? either cleaning sprays or physically/manually cleaning the throttle area---mosy preferred method


    It looks a bit harder to get to than the non Turbo version engines.


    Thanks in advance.  Cheers

    1. FG2012XR6T


      I was surprised how clean my throttle body was after 7 years operation, compared to all my previous cars. Some oil slug build up was accumulated in the large air duct prior to the throttle body. My Conclusion is that the turbo and design of the XR6T induction system inherently keep that area very clean.


      Just bought a Fiesta ST 1.6L Turbo as well as a fun car, but it makes me appreciate the XR6T , love both but very different cars entirely 

  8. I would think that to do a good job , it would have to come off. Mine was done at Ford and the full job took 2 full days. A question for the more experienced guys who strip down these engines. " I too do not tolerate oil leaks as it takes the 'shine' off a good car."
  9. The 2012 FG-T uses a quality silicone sealant only on the front timing cover in the factory Assembly process. But unfortunately the robot machine feed tube clogged during assembly ( went unnoticed ) on many engine assemblies. Mine was one, causing a very slow oil seep/leak and was fixed by Ford after a lot of pushing for me. Is all good now. German or Japanese sealants make the best brands of Silicon sealants.
  10. Just did a 1100km trip down to South West WA , with some mixed driving conditions, dirt roads ( slow ), some undulating hills. I was very impressed with the Fuel use over that period with air conditioned on, warm outside air intake ( not great for Economy ) and still managed to get 8.6ltr/100km over that 1100 km trip. Very good for a 4-ltr turbo running on 95 octane. Round town only varies a lot, as to be expected -
  11. Thanks masda... It is much lower down than the non-T version, and seems to require more disassembly of the ducting etc. I will revisit it again --just cautious about the sensing mechanisms.
  12. Hi TurboT... Did you get any responses on this post about the FG being in different more --hidden-- location the TB to the initial post
  13. That high idle do not sound right for a big straight 6. My 4yr old XR6T Z auto idles at 600 rpm no matter what the temp ( outside and engine temp) is its rock solid. That is one thing I have been impressed with given its is a turbo as well. I would tend to agree with K31th in the above post. throttle body clean out.
  14. Interesting reading guys, I have been contaminating a suitable replacement, but keep coming back to the great value robust good torque 4ltr turbo XR6T. Sure the handling is not be as good the Audi 4WD, AMGs or BMW, but the $$$ will surely get you across in all aspects. So happy to stay with the XRT until something better comes along that ticks all the boxes for me. I did like the C63 AMG for a while there.
  15. PTR_NitroFG The new one was a 620 cca , plus I always keep my batteries fully charged on all devices/ equipment and get usually > 3-4yrs out of all my batteries. ( except cheap drill batteries )
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