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The Off Topic Thread.


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19 hours ago, Puffwagon said:

Also seems pretty farking odd someone would post that after 5 years of not commenting anything

Thanks for your farking concern...


22 hours ago, Puffwagon said:

Yeah I've seen those, they only add gas, they don't draw a vacuum and dry out the system for the 45 minutes needed to check for leaks, remove old oil and properly prepare a system for new gas. They also can't change the oil in the system which is also necessary for a proper aircon service.

You can buy the tools needed - vacuum pump, guage set, scales etc. You don't need an arctic licence for any of those. 

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I did some car work today, just some precautionary checking on another car. She checked out good so I call that a win. Sometimes you need to have a Sunday home visit to look after people :)

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