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On 23/01/2023 at 4:39 PM, Puffwagon said:

I'll see if I can get her to watch it with me after. We're out the back watering the grass and exercising the dog




Better than watering the dog and exercising the grass I suppose.


How new's the doggo? Must have missed that post in my skimming.

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  • Puff
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Getting ready to head to the pre term teacher interviews, start the car and it's says ETC. She no broom. Bust out the air hose to dry any connections and still no go.


Chuck the kids in the missus car and her battery is flat. Jump start it with my Honda and off we go.


Get home to fix it, long story short, water made it's way through the extension loom for the tps and had settled in the plug under the intake manifold. That end of the plug has a boot on it, so collected all the water until it semi shorted the tps signal.


Fookin cars ay :dohdoh:

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