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How Many Kilometres Have You Clocked Up?


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There'll be something just as good if not better available by that time mate.

I've done just over 7000km in my T so far, only real negative is the brakes have started to warp a bit.

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I did 3000km in the first 2 weeks! hehe, loved it so much I went on a road trip. Did the first 1500 in about 4 days, I was really keen to run her in! Its been about 2 months now and have just ticked over 5000km.

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11.000 and no probs, and the performance is definately getting better. as the weeks roll by it just feels smoother, and punches you back in the seat more and more, it seems like its still loosening up. luv it!!!

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  • Gandalf the Grey, Maiar of Manwë and Varda, Team HgAg/Sneaky
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I beg of you ... please, please stop. This is killing me!

I know that every time I log in, I'm going to see great stuff about the T, yet I keep doing it! Am I a masocist or what?

Will this wait NEVER END!

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Guest DEVO
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Just about to hit 15000klms. Had it a few months, but bought mine as a dealer demo model (otherwise I was gonna end up in an AUIII.

It had about 8000klms on it when I got it but it was clean, straight and optioned up with an affordable price tag. Gotta love the demo! :thumbsup:

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