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  1. Happy Birthday YellowTurbo!

  2. Happy Birthday YellowTurbo!

  3. Happy Birthday YellowTurbo!

  4. Happy Birthday YellowTurbo!

  5. Happy Birthday YellowTurbo!

  6. When you think wheel upgrade think am I going to put big brakes on at a later date. 19's are easyer to put brakes behind eg dark agents.. mind you they make 20's in them now. Tyres are expensive if you want a load rated tyre.. I think I want to got for the 20's in a dark agent
  7. should do, I have pos 30 with a 8.5 in a 18 so I would think it would fit. Why not go with a 10.5???
  8. Nothing wrong with territory rims Doug.... Ozzy are fairly expensive too.. I got a few scraches on my work rims too :(
  9. I had black ones on my old yellow xr6t, I think it looked great
  10. Welcome mate, enjoy Darwin this time of year is great I own a Dark blue FG xr6 turbo with work rims and it's slammed. It doesn't get much street time.
  11. My rev limit is 6200rpm, and it's alot more responsive. I have a flash tuner 3 which I can set my own rpm limit.
  12. I agree, just got my tune for my FG and I want more power
  13. Stupid question for the flash tuner 3. Is the wastegate % the amount of boost? Eg. 45% more boost than say 42%?
  14. It's helped by a diff bush, pedders can help you out with that. Also harder setting on your shocks will help, also try a rear sway bar too. Maybe craddle bushes too.
  15. All valid points, thanks It's the dark blue aswell.
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