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  1. Happy Birthday nowaford!

  2. Happy Birthday nowaford!

  3. Happy Birthday nowaford!

  4. Happy Birthday nowaford!

  5. Hey Greg, We are not cattle duffers just generations of family trying to make a living and unfortunatly some of us are losing, And some of us purchase your cars, U guys are all warming with coffees and warranties but when it comes to the crunch when the sale is made it's tuff titties from then on. As for your slander of a fellow farmer I am inclined to show my neigbours this and word will spread from there and I think it is time a current affair had a yak with FORD to find out why a fellow farmer was asked if he was a cattle duffer, Then be called a stupid "beep" by someone in the game for 16 years...Waiting your reply and be careful....
  6. I'm under the understanding that there is 3 different specs for different models? the turbo 6 and the 8 are the same bar 1st gear, would it be a problem if I got a box with a 2.97:1 1st gear as aposed to the 2.66:1?
  7. G'day guys and gals, Just got a custome tune and it was awsome but just two days later while selecting 1st to 2nd, crunch and then nothing, I have T5 (M57) and after having it towed the pressure plate was distorted and thrust bearing was shot, After $2200 got car back and now have 1st to 2nd synchro problem, It may have been on it's way out already, But I just won't people to ask themselve's before they have power upgrade can the drive train handle this because it has been expensive for me...I'm currently seeking a T 56 6 speed, if anyone has better advice let me know... Cheers sean..
  8. O.K guy's sound's like I'm gonna do it . Now can someone tell me a mechanic around the frankston area I can trust with my car?.........
  9. Had similar, cleaned carbon buildup out of throttle body and reset basement idle....worked for awhile then found plugs were stuffed, and they had only done 14000 k's, they were supposed to last 80000 k's, but is all good ever since....
  10. G'day Guy's and Gal's, I'm looking for some pro's and con's on the CAPA Flash Tuner, or anything you guy's can tell me about them that we should know, I'm looking for just a smaller power gain (until next time). Any advice would be great as there is alot out there and most is conflicting, Being a dedicated site I hope to be steered in the right direction... The advice would be for a 2003 xr 6 t ute, I have had her since new and just wont a little bit more poke.... Cheers.....
  11. Fitter and Turner in southeast melb......
  12. how can I get a note out of a turbo exhaust? this is my first turbo and it is a bit quiet for my liking. Why are all the turbo's at calder park so quiet?
  13. G"day guys recently bought xr6t ute after a lifetime of being holden' found ya bad clunck added thicker oil to diff prob gone..fitter and turner-
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