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  1. 3500 cooler kit and plenum 1500 injectors, fuel pump, reg and relay 1300 exhaust, actuator give or take a few here and there was how I was looking at it, I would only need help with the tuning side of things not necessarily the installation of the parts. The other thing I would want to do is timing chain and oil pump gears. I'm curious as to what you think they're worth at the moment? Can a tune as is take me to 220awkw? I'm no expert but I don't think any Ghia turbos came with the earlier ba turbo motors, I'm probably wrong though
  2. Flooded the inside and then air it out lightly whilst rotating the unit and repeated 3 times on each. I'm not claiming to be a boss mechanic, electrical wizard or anything. Give it a go if you have the random stall on startup, this has fixed that issue for my sister's territory. Her idle is much nicer and her instant fuel usage response is back how it should be, it was hella laggy and would never drop when you got off the throttle, it was so slow to react but seems good now and has been for over a week now
  3. Put a new 02 sensor in the factory dump pipe today, seems like someone has tried to have a go in the past but ended up rounding it off so that was fun. Nice and smooth now though. Also swapped out all of my door lock actuator gears, Was fighting the temptation to upgrade the speakers while I was at it but I think I will sell the car, I can see myself falling down that rabbit hole very quick.
  4. So I ended up cleaning the tps with wd40, reset the ecu and tps and it's soo much better. I did my sister's first - non turbo and then also did my today - turbo.. and the difference is insane. Both still seem to be the factory tps sensors. Give it a go before buying a replacement
  5. Yes this was the case for me. Swapped it over with my sister's and all good. Hers now shows the exact same code. Swap it back and no code. Seems they no longer make new replacements either so I'll be digging down at U pull it or something for a few spares I think. Thanks for the help.
  6. got a little pump from washing my sisters territory today, counts as cardio right?
  7. Juicy as. You will clean up nicely. Good stuff. Try for more deltoid seperation, hit all 3 heads, light weight but high reps. Id also throw in something for traps just to bring it all together. But what would I know 😅
  8. Thanks mate. I'm caught up in two minds with it. Not sure if I should sell it or go down the rabbit hole.. Since I've owned it I swapped out the parts below FRONT rotors slotted dba pads dba sp lower control arms nolathane radius arms nolathane sway bar links nolathane sway bar d bush nolathane left and right new driveshafts gsp diff oil nulon 80-140fs REAR pads dba ss sl king springs bump stops nolathane sway bar links nolathane diff oil nulon 80-140fs engine mounts earls turbo oil feed filter braided line braided turbo coolant lines silicone hose kit catch can - still need to hard mount 4" intake k&n filter de bung exhaust adrad radiator adrad overflow bottle 82°? thermostat intake manifold gaskets - mace plenum spacers top and bottom. PWR transmission cooler - heat exchanger removed. external inline transmission filter ryco transmission pan filter new genuine ford plugs 7s new genuine ford coil packs fresh coolant fresh engine oil + filter new fuel filter - 98 fuel only new cabin filter full led conversion, every bulb is led inside and out. turbosmart boost gauge My initial plans were Plazmaman intercooler + plenum kit injectors fuel pump+reg exhaust and then ive been reading on the PCMTEC software and some people are using bits of the f6x tune. All the pcm tec stuff would take me a while to wrap my head around but yeah that's the yarn for the day
  9. Genuine Ford, TI Performance, Goss, Tridon. These are the brands I'm able to find, genuine Ford is twice the price. Am I paying more for quality or same shiz different label ?
  10. So this is my 06 ghia turbo, Ive been lurking around the forum for awhile now. I will try to upload a couple of photos
  11. Does this mean unplugging the actual solenoid? My terry throws off code P0443, like the og post, I have vented the fuel purge line to atmo but I get a engine light every-now and then. Its always the same P0443, I usually clear it and go about my business but the engine light coming on does my head in
  12. Not sure if anyone is still active here but I'm looking for someone to take a look at my territory, Just a basic tune to make sure things are safe. Any recommendations? I'm around the Western suburbs
  13. Hey fellas sorry to dig up a older thread. Does anyone know if the OEM engine oil cooler/heat exchanger has a inlet and outlet for the coolant hoses? I removed the transmission heat exchanger and need to plumb the cooling lines back in.
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