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  1. 19 Inch Wheels On Stock Springs?

    Hey guys sorry for the bump. I also prefer the look from gu4800 & velociTy's car standard springs on 19s wheels. Mine is a ute so I like it to look a bit more functional than low. I'm currently changing my suspension and springs, I have bought King KFFS-53 springs which is standard XR height but I've heard on the grapevine that in the King Spring series it's the Lows that are XR height.. Anyone heard anything like that?
  2. BA springs in BF Mk2 shocker?

    Alright, thanks for that. Not sure if anyone would know, but if I install standard King spring replacements would I sit the same eyebrow height? My eyebrow height is approx 360mm right now at the front on 19" wheels / 245/35 tyres.
  3. Hi guys, I'm replacing my shocks and want to know if springs from a BA XR6 will fit in a BF Mk2 shock. I'm a little worried about changing to a new spring as it currently sits perfect and don't want the eyebrow height to change at all. I can only assume the current BA spring is standard.
  4. Sa Members

    Hey mate, give Damien from Main North Automatics & Driveline a call. They work on ZF's a tonne.
  5. Perhaps it's your exhaust metal expanding under heat?
  6. High Flow Thermostat

    Fair enough - They could've said that over the phone though I'm happy to order a replacement part if you can post it to Adelaide, as long as it's the same one on the original invoice from quite a few years ago now
  7. High Flow Thermostat

    Yeah I did think of that, but a lot aren't branded so might be up the creek for that effort. I need to drop the coolant anyway and would much prefer to do the lot in one shot. I've heard that before as well, but I'm happy with how it is/was, I just want the same thing I had. It's like if the turbo blew, I'd just get a direct replacement.
  8. High Flow Thermostat

    The invoice reads "Supply & Fit Low Temp Hi Flow Thermostat" $27.27+GST I was a bit disappointed when calling, as regardless of what type it was the answer was "We buy them bulk from Repco, we don't know what brand they are." I'd still like to get the exact same thermostat, as it's had no issues before and I just want to get the same product to replace the current one.
  9. High Flow Thermostat

    Hi guys. My car uses a high flow thermostat that was put in by Pit lane performance, I reckon it's a bit dodgy so want to replace it with the same thing, called Pit lane and they say they just order them in bulk from Repco and don't know the brand. Called Repco, they only do one type, just a normal flow not a high flow. My temp has always sat exactly on 1/4 - Can someone recommend which hi-flow to get and where? Thanks!
  10. Heat Soak After Engine Off

    Hi guys, have a bit of a weird problem. Picture this: Going for a normal drive, mostly off boost. Some on boost. Get to destination. Turn off car. Get back in car after few minutes turn on car - Temp has gone from where it sits normally at 1/4 to bit over 1/2 way. Turn car on, fans kick in, heat drops back down. This is what's been happening last few weeks. After a hard boost session, temp actually hit 3/4 when going back to the car. Letting it idle for a few minutes before turning car off has little to no effect. Thoughts? Ideas?
  11. Hory sheet. Glad I haven't had to pull apart my interior yet. Doing it on a Ford Laser is a bit easier! Have the whole interior out in about 10 minutes lol
  12. Zf Revs Fluctuate

    I had the same fluctuating rpm after my trans cooler was installed. Turned out the people that did it didn't top the oil back up. After it drank about 800ml of life guard it's been fine every since, even when stone cold in the morning at 3c.
  13. New G6Et

    If you don't want a loud exhaust you don't need one for 300 - I'm still on the stocker with 323kw
  14. Zf Whine When Cold

    You're in Adelaide, I went here if that helps - https://www.facebook.com/mnautos?fref=ts
  15. Zf Whine When Cold

    I didn't have a whine but I did have an issue with my cruise control rpm fluctuating. Only start happening after my trans cooler install. Took the car to my local trans specialist and it drank 700-800ml of life guard. No more issues after that - So it shows how sensitive they are when not full.

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