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  1. Hello everyone. Trying to troubleshoot a problem with my Turbo that about has me ready to burn the thing. Any application of throttle more than a half pedal and I loose all power and the ETC light comes on. If I slow to a stop the car idles surging with no throttle. Key off and on and you're good to go. I've replaced the throttle body to no avail, should I replace the pedal? Cheers.
  2. Cheers for the info, so for those select few XRs that were optioned with LSDs. Would they be the same as Turbo LSDs? Cheers
  3. Hi everyone. Just trying to find out the difference between the BF ZF diffs? Is the turbo LSD the same as the N/A LSD? Cradles the same? Tailshafts? Cheers everyone.
  4. Build update. Car is running and driving. All the gear from the Turbo has been installed save for the NA ZF 6Speed, PCM and engine loom. Boost is controlled by a GFB GForce 3. 3.46 LSD at the back. Tuning is just around the corner. Pics to come.
  5. @k31th Should have the project ready to turn key by this weekend. I have hopefully one last question. I have to incorporate boost control into my N/A loom. Would I be best to splice the boost control wiring from the BA XR6T into the BF N/A loom, pull the loom out and replace with BF XR6T loom or run an aftermarket Boost Control. Thanks for all your help, it's very much appreciated.
  6. Hi everyone, project is going well, getting close to firing it up. Just checking what I need to do to safeguard my gear pre tune? Like run the NA MAF, injectors and bypass the turbo? All this is very new to me, I'm clueless when it comes to turbos. My tuner is an hours drive away, and im hoping I can drive it there, but I'll trailer it if I have to.
  7. Ok so I'll chuck the 2.73 open diff back in it until I decide to get an appropriate LSD.
  8. Another question mate, will the BA 4 speed LSD harmonize with the ZF? Or will I end up with strange shifting? Cheers.
  9. Guy I bought it off Inherited a Original 90,000km BA XR6 Turbo that ran sweet as a nut but had a surprise date with a Captiva in the side. The BF was on it's second motor and blew the head. Picked up the lot for $3800. I'll chuck a bf or fg Turbo motor in it when I pay my ranger off. So back on topic I should be right with the BF ECU? Thanks.
  10. Car won't see abuse to be honest. Being an unopened BA motor, we all know their limits. Definitely pro looking into making a tuned ford ecu work.
  11. That's my absolute last resort. Because the plug and play option is 3k.
  12. Hi everyone, I've just bought a roller project that should be ready to turn key, providing I have the right ECU. The car was a BF XR6 with a ZF 6HP-26. Now it has a BA XR6 Turbo donk bolted to the original ZF 6HP-26 from the BF. Apparently I can just tune the BF's ECU to run the combo of the BA Turbo and the ZF. Is this correct? Or do I have to use a BF XR6 Turbo, ZF 6HP-26 ECU and BCM? I rang my local tuner and he had no idea. Thanks for your time.

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