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  1. Are the LPG pistons forged though? Saw some on ebay but they're cast like the f6 pistosn ive pulled from the car. Might get a phone call off to spool.
  2. Yeah umart and msy are the go but for some things newegg are a sh*tton cheaper. Let me know if you need someon to check if one of your 1080s is working properly
  3. Yeah I did love the modding part of it. Spent so many hours building cars in it, in fact that's all I did lol, I was bout to go buy it but at 36quid ill pass lol. Still had the best turbo modelling, although assetto corsa seems to do it well. AC + yellowbird + boost wound right up = hornburger I'll try get a couple vids up this weekend, havent driven much recently and trying to hotlap nurburgring in the v8 is a farken nightmare... The game is pretty crazy right now, how far they've gone with the dynamic track has really taken it to another level. When they have dirt im sure they'll bring wet weather tarmac as water on the track is a big thing in dirt. That with day - night transitions it might be enough for me to get some VR going - checkout this. Pity about the resolution though, sorta a deal breaker for me. Racing wise they hold legit 24hr multi class 60 cars in a field team endurance races which spins me out haha.
  4. Epic. Was going to pickup 1070 sli and a vr headset for iracing but cash is going into non-virtual cars. See the benchmarks were shoping close to 60fps 4k on a single 1080 sli should be able to get close to 70-80 in witcher 3 ultra 4k ..... Did you get them from newegg?
  5. Haha the ole LFS. Played that when there was only a demo and spent many hours in s1. Cant beat iracing, I'll record a video and post it up. V8 at the nurburgring? :D
  6. Performance springs do an nitrated ovate wire beehive spring which has as high advertised seat pressure as any other spring ive seen around. Spent a bit of time with the guy at his shop and said it was slightly higher than the typical double valve spring pressure but using stock retainers and seals. Also does Ti retainers & locks too. If not them id go for PAC
  7. You find anyone with an off the shelf set of high compression forged pistons for the barra?
  8. Why not a 6466? Great thread over on ford forums where they back to backed it to the 3576 baby turbo on 300rwkw vs the 6466 with 420 AND outspooling the stock fg turbo. Even at 450rwkw you'd still have room to move in the future if you want more power Heres a cached link if you dont have a login for there http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:zhtv2NREqrAJ:fordforums.com.au/showthread.php%3Ft%3D11436193+&cd=4&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=au
  9. At that power I wouldnt go past the FG cam unless you were looking to make power past 7k, even then with the stock 1.06 t3 id say you're more likely to run into exhaust housing restrictions before the cam. Nothing wrong with wanting a tough sound and picking up a few hp in the process, its one thing I love and hate bout turbo cars. Could have 950whp and it sounds like a taxi at the lights, but 262/257 duration on a 4l isnt going to give you much sound wise (even 264's on a stock stroke 2j idle smooth) and the stock cam is a great cam already. Clearly ford put a lot of development into it and id find it hard to believe it just gives a net gain without any loss of driveability around town. Gotta say too I hate the whole "stage" packaging that a lot of shops do these days. Every time I hear stage something I think of fast and furious or youtube comments "THERES NO SUCH THING AS STAGE 6!" /endrant
  10. Hows the division now, they sort out the hacker bullsh*t? Glad I learned pre-order lessons by now #becauseubisoft
  11. Nice mate, something along the lines of what we're doing with my car. I have a 50,000km set of fg f6 pistons and rods if you're looking for something cheap. Squish / quench's also plays a big part in atomisation of fuel creating a better burn as well as cooling the cc. Hard part is finding where its happiest, too little and you'll get hot spots which can lead to detonation. Not sure how that applies with e85 and its massive headroom for knock though. What compression you think you'll go after? Likely to go 10's on mine
  12. Got my FG F6 motor apart and they're definitely a cast mahle piston, but they are different. I believe HI PSI said the same about his short motor when he got his, and also read an article recently by someone who a lead designer or something at FPV who also said they arent forged but a different heavier design and lower compression. Theres a BF into the 8's on stock cast turbo pistons so its not the weak point of the engine anyway. ... and mattyp is right. High comp turbo e85 is the only way to go!
  13. Hey mate its a futura, its got power front windows!
  14. Got some work done today, picking up momentum quickly now :D. Got the F6 engine stripped down bare and ready to go to the machine shop tomorrow morning. Decided to give it a birthday as the history of it was unknown and we're going to lean on it fairly hard and didnt want to leave anything to chance. Still making a decision on a few parts yet but should be more than worth the extra wait.
  15. Heres the a pic of my rig. Dropped my phone last week and are using an oldie so scuse the photos. First time I had a proper go at cable management but def makes in a pain in the arse to work on. Checkout the flex in the video card, all normal for this card so I read and all done by gravity even though it looks like the coolant lines are pushing it
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